Why Other Natural Stone Countertops Pale in Comparison to Quartz

When you are choosing natural stone countertops for your kitchen, you have a lot to consider. There are many different options available. It is important to choose the right countertops so you will be happy with them long-term. You want to make sure they match the rest of the space. 

As mentioned, the possibilities are endless. There are many great natural stones out there for countertop use. One of your options is quartz. 

If you are interested in quartz, you should know that it is much different than many of your other options. Quartz offers many advantages over other types of countertops so it is worth considering adding beautiful quartz countertops to your home. 

Here’s why other natural stone countertops pale in comparison to quartz. 


Countertop pricing can greatly vary. This can deter homeowners from upgrading their kitchens. When upgrading a kitchen, there are many expenses to cover. Even if someone can afford expensive countertops, they have plenty of other upgrades to pay for. 

Some types of countertop are more affordable than others. The cost can also depend on the size of the space and how much stone is needed. Quartz is one type of stone that is reasonably priced. It is both beautiful and affordable. It also adds value to the home. Quartz can give the home curb appeal. If you sell later on, curb appeal is important. 

Heat and Stain-Resistance: 

With many types of stone, you need to be cautious of what you place on top of the surface. Hot pans cannot be placed on most countertops. Additionally, oil, wine, vinegar, and coffee can also be harmful and stain many types of countertops. 

With quartz, this is not a concern. Quartz is heat and stain-resistant. You should still be cautious so that you can fully protect your quartz. Accidents happen though and quartz ensures that your countertops do not receive too much damage as a result. 


Quartz is a type of stone that does not require a lot of care. Some types of countertops do need regular, intensive care to stay in great shape. Of course, all countertops need some level of cleaning. Make sure you are cleaning your countertops regularly. Clean up spills as they happen to keep your countertops looking their best. With quartz, you do not have to worry about too much care. 

Quartz is especially easy to clean. All you need is mild soap and water. You can also find quartz cleaner from a store near you. In general, you will not need to do any other maintenance to keep your quartz looking great. 


With some types of countertops, the color may fade over time. Depending on what you choose to do about the fading, this may mean having to replace the countertop entirely, which is a big project. Countertops can be expensive to replace so it is a good idea to buy countertops that will not fade. 

Fortunately, quartz is colorfast. It does not fade over time. Its beautiful colors and patterns are here to stay. You can count on quartz looking good for years to come without any fading or discoloration. 

No Long-Term Maintenance: 

Some types of countertops require regular maintenance in addition to cleaning. For example, some stones need to be sealed annually or every few years. With quartz, you do not need to worry about sealing the stone. You should simply make sure you are cleaning up spills and messes on the countertops. Beyond this, no additional long-term maintenance is required of quartz, making it a much easier type of stone to care for. 


One problem that homeowners run into is their countertops getting scratched. The manufacturing process of quartz prevents it from getting scratched. Some people even cut food on their quartz countertops without a cutting board. This is not advised because it can dull your knives. You do not have to worry about scratches on the surface, which means that your quartz countertops will not need to be replaced soon. 


Quartz countertops are a great way to prevent the spread of bacteria. When quartz countertops are manufactured, the likelihood of bacterial growth is reduced. This is very important in kitchens where people are eating and cooking. As you prepare food on quartz countertops, you do not need to worry about the spread of bacteria. You can even find National Sanitation Foundation certified quartz options. This is a great way to keep your kitchen clean and germ-free. It is a good idea to keep your kitchen clean, especially after you prepare food. Quartz can help to keep things even cleaner. 


Exactly how quartz countertops are made can vary by where you buy them. Often, quartz countertops are made from 90% quartz, like at Marble.com. The rest of the countertop is made with colorings and binders. As a result, quartz is very strong and sturdy. It is one of the strongest types of countertops available. Another strong type of stone countertop is granite, but granite feels a lot harder. Quartz is not as hard, making it nicer to touch. 


If you have a busy kitchen with lots of use and action, quartz is the right choice for you. It is a very durable material and can handle heavy use and wear. This is because quartz is non-porous. It does not absorb spilled liquids like other materials do. For example, some types of natural stone are porous and absorb liquids. This can cause discoloration, staining, and other damage to your countertops. With quartz, you do not have to worry about this due to its durability. 

These are just a few of the ways that other countertops pale in comparison to quartz. Quartz is a great stone to use as a countertop and can be a great addition to any kitchen. It is low-maintenance, colorfast, heat-resistant, and it offers many more advantages compared to other types of countertops. If you are ready for a kitchen upgrade, consider adding quartz countertops. They make a great addition to any kitchen.

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