Where to move when you retire

After some studies was conducted in England, it was discovered that 43% of over 50s plan to move away once they have retired, with 2% interested in moving to London. Let’s find out together what the benefits of retiring in the capital are.

Living in London

The capital is an expensive place to live, with sky-high property prices and rents rocketing. According to the London Assembly, the cost of an average London home grew by 7% in the last year and stands at £531,000. 

The older people who have retired or are nearing that age are usually more financially comfortable than the younger ones who feel the economic pressures of living in the capital. This means that they are better able to afford London’s cost of living. Likewise, with 24,230 homes built annually, there are plenty of properties available for retirees.

Transport in London

As London is one of the most populated cities on the planet, there is a huge urban transport network that makes it a 24-hour city with everything readily available at any time so it’s a deciding factor of making the move to London.

Linking the 32 boroughs of London, there are a number of different transport methods available, in addition to excellent connections to other UK cities. Transport links like these can give those in retirement the freedom to travel, whether it’s to visit friends and family or a much-needed getaway.

Many travel operators will offer discounts to older people. The Bus Times London for example, offers a return ticket to Oxford from London for just £14. When you’re in London, you can do almost anything.

There are also five different airports in London, including London City, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London Luton and London Stansted, connecting London with the rest of the world. This is ideal for any retiree looking for a central base from which to travel around the world during their retirement.

Culture of London

It gives retirees who move to London the opportunity that people from around the world come for, whether this is going to the theatre to experience a new West End production or visiting historic monuments like Buckingham and Kensington Palace.

In the capital, many museums offer free entry, including some of the best like The British Museum, Natural History Museum and the British Library.

People from all around the world come to London bringing with them their country’s traditions, whether this is through food, furniture or fashion. This will allow those enjoying their retirement to experience different cultures perhaps for the first time.

Accessibility in London

Due to improved technology, it’s safe to say that London is accessible compared to other locations around the UK. Most popular attractions have been adapted to help those who need extra help. This includes the implementation of wheelchair access. Many attractions in London have their own wheelchairs that can be used by the public if needed. Other accessibility essentials that make London attractions more convenient are elevators, ramps, accessible toilets, sign language and audio guides making each attraction perfectly tailored to meet the individual’s needs.

 So it’s safe to say that retiring in London is a good investment to make, especially if you have the means to purchase a property.

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