What to expect from a Customer Service Call

The customer care department of any company or business is very important. This is because the department is the image of the company to the outside world and an encounter with the customer service providers will tell you more about a company their products or services they offer. The customer service team should, therefore, be people who are courteous and have the ability to bring the positive image to a client and even composed themselves when under pressure. When making a call to seek the assistance of a customer service member, the person should know what they want from the call they are making. There are also some aspects that a person expects from the customer service providers and some of them include: 

Customer service should meet their expectations 

The fact that a customer is calling the customer service team is a clear indication that they are either stranded or want some clarification. So by placing the call, the customer expects full assistance or information about a product. The customer would also expect a high level of customer service which will make him/her feel to be a valued client of the company. Failure to meet the expectations of the customer would lead to negative reviews concerning the company which could affect the company. For instance, when a customer is calling to ask about his cable subscription the service providers should be able to give full details about the subscription or why the services are not available to the customer and in case of a fault from the provider they should politely apologize and ensure the customer receives their cable service back. 

Customers expect a quick response 

It is always not good to keep a customer on hold for a long time as they might be engaged with other pressing issues. If you have to keep them on hold kindly tell them to hold on the line while you seek further clarification on the matter they have called for. After coming back on line thank them for their patience of waiting on the line and give them the information that you were seeking. Giving the customer a quick response will relay a message that the company has professionals who know what they are doing and this is a plus for the company. It was found that of the people asked 38 percent wanted their calls answered in five minutes or less. Passing a customer around from one department to the other in search of assistance about a brand will not go well as this will cause them frustrations and could lead to a bad experience. From a survey done 51 percent of were of the opinion that they would rather say how they are displeased by the whole scenario of being kept on hold and eventually end the call.

Customers expect a personal approach 

With the modern world advancing technologically today, it is very easy for companies and brands to lose the personal touch approach with their customers. However, when it comes to customer service, many people still want a general experience of being served personally. According to a survey done almost 90 percent of the people questioned responded that they would very much prefer that their call is answered by a human being as opposed to the robotic answering machines. This is because the human being interaction was able to meet the expectations of the customer in a better way. The customers want to be identified by their names and they also need the customer service agent to be able to provide information regarding their recent history, the purchase they made, returns done and other recorded customer calls done. By being able to give such information they customer service will have met the customer’s expectation. 

High level of customer service is expected 

When placing a call the customers will expect high standard treatment from the customer service agents. They will expect to be accorded high level of respect as being rude to them will result in an unhappy customer who will spread the negative experience more than the positive ones.88 percent of people who were asked replied that the level of service given to them during a call would definitely affect the opinion they have about the brand. To avoid this, customer service agents should always work with “the customer is always right” mentality. 

Customers also prefer contact options 

The needs and the requirements changes with the evolving of the technology. When asked customers would also prefer other ways in which they can make contact with the company. If you are looking for customer service & business phone numbers you can find great resources online https://contactcustomerservicesnumber.co.uk/

When asked the number of times they would call a customer service, 28 percent of the people replied that they would use the phone call fewer times and would only use it if the issue they are presenting could not be handled via an online platform like email. When calling the customer service a caller expects nothing but the best service they can get. 

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