What are the Most Popular Materials for Modern Kitchen Design?

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The kitchen in the heart of the home but all too often, it lacks character and can be difficult to personalize. Though there is nothing wrong with an off-the-shelf kitchen, there is a lot to be said for experimenting with different surfaces and textures to create something entirely new.

In recent years, all kinds of materials have come into fashion and our kitchens are getting a lot more design love as a consequence. The best thing is, that the perfect kitchen design for you doesn’t have to be expensive and you can express your personality much more easily with so many choices!

Make the Most of Granite

Granite is a classic surface for the kitchen as it looks fabulous and is easy to wipe clean. It also stays nice and cool, which is ideal for baking fans. The shine of granite is also very appealing and if you don’t have a lot of natural light, putting LEDs under your cupboards is a great way to get a lovely reflection.

There are lots of different types of granite and you can find so many different colours that any scheme will work. Bright, ice white works well in a minimalist kitchen but if you want something more dramatic, black granite could be just the thing. Have a look at these granite worktop prices to see whether this could be for you.

Using Natural Woods

Natural materials always feel much warmer and in the kitchen, wood can be translated into minimalism, farmhouse style or even industrial. You can use natural wood anywhere from accessories like bowls and shelves to wooden floors and table tops. You can even use thin sheets to cover the walls for a cabin feel.

Using different types of wood is a good way to create highlights and lowlights in the kitchen as well as add texture. However, using just one pale wood is perfect for all kinds of minimalist interpretations. If you prefer a limited palette, wood is brilliant because the knots break up large areas without pulling focus.

Try Industrial Concrete

Though concrete isn’t usually hailed as a beautiful material, when it is poured and polished, it can bring utilitarian charm to any kitchen. Like wood, concrete can be used in all kinds of ways in the kitchen from a poured concrete floor (surprisingly warm with underfloor heating) to concrete countertops which, like granite are cool and easy to clean.

Though using only concrete might be a bit much for most people, it does combine well with wood. In fact, you can use wooden boards to add a texture to concrete that looks really remarkable. Go for stainless steel accessories to add a shine to the room and use coloured glass vases to introduce a rainbow effect.

Starting with the material you like most is a good place to start your kitchen design. Try interpreting the material with different uses around the room and go for different shades, tones and textures to create features and focal points.

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