Upgrade Your Lounge In Small Ways This Weekend


Now that winter is truly here and we are starting to look forward to the rest of the new year, many of us are thinking of things to do in the house. Changing and upgrading the house can be fun when a new year comes around and it can refresh your view of your home and make it feel more modern. But let’s face it, after the festive period we might not have a lot of money or time to do the work. This is why today we are going to have a look at some super easy and quick ways to upgrade your living room this year.

Mount Your TV

For a lot of us, the TV is a central point in the living room and we have our furniture pointed towards it around the room. If you still have your TV on a stand in the corner of the room it’s time to change this; and tv wall mounting can make a room feel much more modern and spacious. If you are able, source a moveable TV Mount and this will allow you to turn the TV and pull it further out when you need to.

Add Colourful Cushions

If you feel as if your home looks a little bit drab at the moment; a super simple and cheap way to change this would be to buy some new cushions for the sofa and chairs. If you have a boring colour scheme at the moment and you need a pop of life, bring in bright colours such as yellow and green to make the room feel fresh and alive. For £10 you can change the whole dynamic of a room in seconds!

Rearrange The Bookshelf

Most of us will have some sort of shelving unit in the living room which will display things such as books and DVDs and perhaps the occasional game too. If you have this in your house, you can make a change to the home by simply rearranging it to look tidier. If you can stand it, order books by colour and height for a more clean and seamless look. Put box sets together and blu rays separate from the rest. This is a task that won’t take too long but will make a big impact.

Lay A Wooden Floor

Carpet, schmarpet! Carpets are the most popular type of flooring for us to have in the home, but a lot of the time these days they can make a house look a little outdated and drab. To reinvigorate your home this year you can swap your carpet for a wooden floor, and it will only take an afternoon for you to lay in the room. Bring in a fluffy rug and you have the perfect reset for the room.

Hang Some Fun Art

Artwork can be a really easy way to add colour to a blank wall. If you feel like your home is full of white walls and no character, be sure to hang some stunning art on the wall to solve this.

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