Tricks to be an attractive person

There are people who radiate such magnetism that they attract everyone. They all want to be like, to be friends, or to feel their approval. The most curious thing is that these things do not necessarily depend on their appearance. Here are some things that you should consider to become a more attractive person:


  1. Individual image

You have to have a unique picture. Or a unique detail. After all, these things make strangers remember you – and it’s not beauty. Maybe it sounds weird, but even

ugliness and vulnerability can be unique. Whatever may make others remember you – walking, gestures, facial expressions, intonation, style of communication or clothing.

Here are some examples: Charlie Chaplin is associated with mustache, costume and cane, Joseph Stalin with mustache, pipe and accent, Salvador Dali with his mustache and facial expressions, etc.

  1. You need a great dream

If you want people to come to you and appreciate you for your unique personality, your existence must be related to a goal. Strive to get something.

  1. Trust yourself

To be charismatic you have to trust yourself. You need to be able to make courageous decisions, to rely on yourself, not to expect others to help you, and to explain to others the ideas

so you can understand. People around you notice your confidence in behavior and speech. It is best to avoid expressions such as “believe”, “I hope”

“I assume”, “I expect”, “May”, “Probably”.

  1. Forget about complaints

Would you be able to admire someone or want to look like a person who is complaining all the time? Of course not. Charismatic people have positive thinking. Avoid criticism, complaints and

negative issues. Even if it’s not all right in your life, start a conversation to please you and enjoy your listeners.

  1. Use the language of the body

Your posture should be trustworthy – sit backright, do not play with any object or part of your body, try to smile longer and look at you

the interlocutor in the eye. Generally, when you appear in public, act like you’re a celebrity on the red carpet.

  1. Learn to say great stories

Many people think the ability to make any story interesting is a talent, but it’s not necessarily true. It is often something that can be learned.

  1. Learn to listen to others

You do not need to be the most important person in the world. If you listen to others carefully and show them real interest, the people around you will feel special.

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