Top hair care tips for this winter

The person, be it a man or woman having full hair on the head is sure to appear more beautiful when compared to a bald one. The hair just like any other part of the body needs to be well maintained and taken proper care of. It is to be nourished using the right organic ingredients to make sure that it remains smooth and shiny and dandruff free. It will also help prevent hair fall and make the person to look young for a very long time.

Top hair care tips to follow in winter

  • Keep the hair dry: After taking bath, it is important to dry the hair completely. If the hair is combed without drying the hair, then there are chances of hair falling.
  • Shampooing twice a week: Only organic based shampoo products are to be used for the hair. This will help to remove dandruff, dirt and dust that otherwise may have accumulated in the hair. The shampoo should also be good enough to sustain the tresses, as well as avert bacterial or contagious contaminations. Shampooing is better done starting with root to tip.
  • Oil massage: Having proper oil massage of the hair on a frequent basis helps thoroughly nourish the hair. Dampness in hair helps revive the dry strands. But excess massage is not to be performed to avoid over-shampooing will be required for removing the excess oil that will only harm the hair.
  • Avoid tying: Those having long hair will be tempted to tie up their hair as it becomes easier for them to carry out all types of work without any disturbance. But if the hair is wet after bath, then water will only get absorbed in the hair that will make it somewhat frizzier. If there is a need to tie up the hair, then simple styles are to be selected like buns and ponytails.
  • Use the best brush or comb: A solid option to use will be a wide tooth brush or comb that can help to detangle the strands. Also, it assists to serve as a wonderful conditioning brush.
  • Conditioning properly the hair: The right approach towards conditioning the hair is to abstain using conditioner in excessive amounts. It is to be applied to the hair lengths and ends. Wide tooth brush is to be used, since it will help to offer the conditioner with a decent spread. Once condition is applied properly, use cold water to rinse it.

Consulting a professional hair care expert will be the best way to know how the hair is to be maintained and taken care of properly on a regular basis.

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