Tips to plan a first time trip to U.S

Those who want to visit USA may plan their trip properly so that their trip will be comfortable as well as enjoyable. All visitors to US must ensure to have all the required documentations perfectly including valid passport and visa. 36 countries are included in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) of the US the purpose of which is to attract more tourists to the country. Under this program selected travelers can visit US with a machine readable passport. However, those who travel to US under VWP are required to apply with the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. The application can be made on line from any place before entering the US and the process will not take much time also. Now, for those who visit the US for the first time, here are a few tips.


Make your itinerary based on the number of days available

Those who travel to the US on a vacation will have only limited number of days to spend there. Hence they may avoid making a big program. It is advisable to limit the itinerary within one particular region so that one can visit all the places that are in the program comfortably and without getting exhausted. USA is larger than Europe and it will not be possible to cover more than one region within limited number of days. The travelers can plan to go to either the East Coast destinations like NYC and Washington DC in one trip or a few West Coast destinations like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. There are other regions also such as the Midwest, Southeast, Southwest and the Northwest.

Be prepared to give up smoking if you are a smoker

Some of the states and cities in US have strict laws against smoking. Smoking is strictly banned inside bars, clubs, restaurants and indoor places in many cities in the US and in some states smoking is banned in public parks, beaches and private residences also.

Ensure punctuality

US is not the place for those who do not keep time. The people in the US are very serious in keeping punctuality and those who do not keep the time are considered as rude. Hence those who go to US for the first time and those who are not familiar with the places they want to go should ensure to have more time than they think they need to reach the place. There can be unexpected delays also because of heavy traffic.

Be careful when you talk and use the vocabulary they use

Americans are very sensitive and they take your words seriously. They feel insulted if you use derogatory words. When you are in a particular region in US, try to use the vocabulary that the people there use in their everyday lives.

Smile, be kind and polite

When you travel in the US keep a smile on your face and be kind to others and also be patient. When you make queries use the words “please” and “thank you” generously. Be assured that the kindness that you show will be reciprocated by the local people.

Forget about the Metric System during your stay in the US

The Metric System is not used in the US. Instead of kilometers, kilograms and Celsius you have to use miles, pounds and Fahrenheit when you are in the US.

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