Tips to have a healthy start to the new year

It is a part of the New Year Celebrations to make resolutions for the New Year. Everyone will wish and hope to make the New Year a better year and the resolutions reflect the goals of the person for the coming year. Though it is easy to make great resolutions, it will be a meaningless exercise if the goals are not achieved. Hence it is advisable to make resolutions that are simple and practical. When the goals are easy, it will not be a heavy burden to achieve them. Here are a few tips to make a few, simple resolutions instead of making a lengthy list of unrealistic goals. When resolutions are simple it is easier to make lifestyle changes and they enable us to have a healthy start to the New Year.

Write down the goals – make them remind you daily

One should jolt down his or her resolutions for the New Year and keep it at a spot where it can be seen every day. The list must contain all the goals – health and fitness related goals and other goals – which are simple and easy to achieve.

Have a Meal Plan

Regular meal planning is very important for the health of the entire family. When you have a perfect and practical meal plan every day, you need not spend time for planning the dinner, breakfast, and lunch.

Small plan for regular exercise and nutritious diet

Balanced diet and regular physical exercise are essential to remain healthy – physically and mentally. One may make a small plan for the daily workout so that it can be successfully implemented. It can be a 30-minute walk or a 20-minute jogging. Also, have a plan to make your diet more nutritious by way of increasing the quantity of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Drink plenty of water and keep your body hydrated

Water is the most inexpensive and easily available rehydration drink. During the outdoor activities, if you drink an adequate quantity of water, your body, skin, and eyes get re-hydrated. When your outdoor activity is for an hour or more, it is advisable to drink fruit juice diluted with water. When you drink sufficient quantity of clean and filtered water, your body is refreshed, your brain functions in a better way, your energy levels are maintained, your body temperature is regulated, proper digestion is ensured and health of the body is maintained.

Use quality eye-drops to reduce red-eye

When you have red eyes first wash your face and eye-lids with cold water and apply the best quality eye-drops which are available over the counter such as Vision Direct. Allergies cause the redness and the eye drops will reduce the histamines in the eye tissues. The decongestant eye drops also contain antihistamines in them.

Replace your contact lenses with eyeglass

Apart from the fact that eyeglasses are comparatively less expensive and do not require frequent replacements, they are easy to maintain clean and while wearing the glasses you need not touch your eyes thereby preventing eye infection. Unlike the contact lenses, the eyeglasses can adjust the amount of light entering the eye and thereby ensure clear vision and comfort. Glasses also boost the personality of the person. Contact lens can cause dry eye syndrome since it reduces the amount of oxygen reaching the eye. Those who work at the computer wearing contact lenses are prone to symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

While making resolutions to have a healthy start to the New Year is fun, the successful implementation of the resolutions is even more fun and it will make your life easier and more comfortable.

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