Tips to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home this Spring

While spring is the time of year when many homeowners get busy doing home improvement tasks to make their property look and feel better, it’s also a popular time to list a house on the market. More buyers are out and about once the weather starts to warm up, after all.

If you’re keen to sell your property in the coming months, make sure you don’t just focus on the condition of your home on the inside. Curb appeal is also a key factor in selling a house for a good price. To help you with this, read on for some tips for boosting the curb appeal of your home this spring.

Declutter the Yard

When getting ready to sell, most people spend time decluttering the rooms inside the property so that spaces look bigger, more luxurious and just generally more appealing. It’s important to remember that in the same ways, your yard also needs to be cleaned up and kept free of clutter. You don’t want potential buyers to arrive at your house and be turned off straight away by a messy yard that really gives the wrong impression.

Take a look around your front and back yards with fresh eyes to see what could be a bit of an eyesore. For example, you may have old children’s play equipment (think rusted out swings, an old cubby house or half empty sandpit) which are detracting from the look of the yard. If so, repair and/or remove these items. In addition, look out for things like less-than-impressive sun loungers, sculptures, statues, benches, wheelbarrows, tools and the like.

Get the Lawn Looking its Best

As you’d imagine, one of the most important factors involved in bringing up the curb appeal of your property is ensuring the lawn looks its best. There are numerous things you can do to get a lush, green lawn that looks perfect for play and relaxation. For instance, mow it regularly, particularly just before home inspections. Control weeds, too, and spend time watering your lawn as often as it needs it to keep it healthy and growing nicely.

It’s also necessary to do jobs such as reseeding your lawn at least once per year so you fill in bare patches, and fertilizing the grass a couple of times per year to help it get in its best condition. If lots of leaves fall on your lawn, rake these up ASAP so they don’t form a smothering mat over the grass once wet. Also, aerate your lawn annually, as this helps keep it healthy, too.

Fix Up Gardens

Gardening work doesn’t stop after you’ve paid attention to your lawn. To improve curb appeal, always cut back any overgrown shrubs or trees, especially anything which is hanging over the house (e.g. over the gutters, clogging them up, or near the front or back doors) or which has died. If there is any greenery in your garden which has become too large for its position, you’ll need to relocate it.

If you have a rather bare-looking yard at the moment, your job will be to fix up the space by adding plant life. In particular, add some color to your front yard, especially near the entranceway, as this will be what potential home buyers see first when they arrive at your property.

You don’t have to spend lots of money on plants though; buy affordable options from local markets, nurseries, home depots and garage sales, and buy multiple plants of the same type to give a uniform yet stylish look. You might want to add some planter boxes right near your front door, too, as this adds a good pop of color and a nice scent to welcome interested parties.

Repair Fences, Mailboxes, Driveways, Garages and More

There may very well be fittings and fixtures and other parts of the outside of your property which need TLC before you put your home on the market. For instance, repair fences which are falling down or give them a fresh coat of paint if they haven’t had one in years, and repair or replace a rusted or old-looking mailbox.

Get the roof cleaned; paint the outside of the home if needed; put new handles on your front door or replace it altogether if it’s very dated; and ensure all the windows and eaves are in good nick. Something else to consider is your driveway. If it has cracks in it, for instance, get it fixed up sooner rather than later. You may also need to replace bulbs in outdoor lights, or install outdoor illumination if this is currently lacking.

Follow these tips and you will soon have a property that is appealing to buyers as soon as they arrive for an inspection. In turn, this will make a big difference to your ability to sell your home quickly and easily.

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