Tips for Picking a Dress that Suits Your Body Well

No longer are shoppers restricted to fitting out their wardrobes based solely on the offerings in their town or suburb’s dress stores. These days there are thousands of online shopping choices available, in addition to malls stocked with store after store. This means there’s generally something to suit every budget and taste.

However, while in a lot of ways searching for new clothing is easier than ever, all that choice also means it’s tough to decide. This is particularly the case when you’re looking for the perfect wedding dress, LBD for date night, or fashion dresses for fun days out with the girls.

As such, if you want to find the perfect new dress or two for your wardrobe this season, it’s important to follow steps to make the process easier and more fruitful. Read on for some tips you can utilize for dress shopping.

Know Your Body Shape

The first thing to do is make sure you’re clear about your body shape, and the proportions you have in different areas. Remember: it’s completely normal to have parts of your body which aren’t in perfect proportion, and that are bigger or smaller than you’d like them to be. What it takes to find the right dress is having an understanding of the types of silhouettes which will help balance out your shape, and show off your best assets rather than draw attention to your least favorite ones.

When you’re figuring out your body shape, pay attention to your whole profile, from the tops of your shoulders down to your feet, rather than just focusing on the middle of your frame. Divide your body into thirds and think about how each of these three areas works separately and as a part of the whole.

Once you’ve seen your body in this light, it will be easier for you to discover if you need to give yourself, for example, the illusion of a bigger bust, broader shoulders, longer top half, lengthened legs, smaller waist, or narrower hips. This will, in turn, aid you when comparing dresses because you’ll know what shapes and features to be on the lookout for.

Be Flexible

Having said that, if you’re like most women, you’ve probably been gravitating to the same kinds of dress styles your whole life. The risk with this is that what you’re used to may not necessarily be what actually suits you best, particularly if your shape has changed a lot over the years. As well, by going back to the same kinds of dress silhouettes repeatedly, you’re probably limiting yourself unnecessarily.

If you become a little more flexible, you may well find there are numerous other styles that suit you beautifully. Furthermore, types of dresses you have discounted in the past might actually work if you look for ones which are a better fit on you, or which you have tailored to mold to your proportions.

Having an open mind is especially important when you’re on the hunt for a bridal gown. This is because when it comes to wedding dresses, you’ll find there are many more styles available than is usual in everyday wear. For instance, you can choose mermaid, trumpet, or ball-gown dresses. Make sure you try some of these silhouettes on, as you could be surprised by what you end up loving.

Purchase Based on Features You Want to Minimize or Maximize

Lastly, when you go shopping for a dress, be on the lookout for clothing which will maximize or minimize the particular features you want to see shine or make less obvious. For example, if you worry about your tummy being too full, look for dresses which will draw attention away from your middle, such as those with empire or drop waists. Avoid ruching or thick belts too, as these styles can highlight a more rounded midsection.

If, on the other hand, you’re self-conscious about your bust size, there are other things to search for. If you have a small bust, steer clear of deep, plunging necklines, and instead choose dresses with adornments, draping, ruching or gathering up top, as this helps to add the illusion of more curves. Alternatively, for a bigger bust, find a dress with plenty of support, utilizing a sturdy fabric. Typically scoop or V-neck necklines are appropriate too.

If you have a pear shape, with fuller hips and thighs, select a dress style, such as one with an A-line skirt, which will skim over your lower half, rather than hug it tightly. It also helps to keep your hemline no higher than an inch or two above your knees.


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