Tips for a Luxurious Wedding

The wedding day is one of the most important days in one’s life and it must be a memorable day in all aspects. There will be many invited guests and for the wedding party various arrangements have to be made such as venue, floral decorations, seating arrangements, gifts, food, photography, entertainment and the like. In order to make the wedding party a grand success one has to take adequate care of major as well as minor things since minor things can have major impact on the occasion. In spite of a tight budget, everyone wants to make it a luxury wedding and of course by way of proper and wise planning one can arrange a luxury wedding without exceeding the budget.

Here are a few useful tips to plan a luxurious wedding.

Avoid the expensive season

Late spring and entire summer are considered as the wedding seasons. Due to heavy demand it will be very expensive to conduct wedding during this season. The rent of the wedding venues during this season will be exorbitant and food, dress, flowers and gift articles also will have heavy price tags. During the peak season one has to pay very heavy amounts to photographers, florists, DJs and other service professionals. In winter as well as Rainy season the demand for all wedding-related service will be less and as a result the prices also will be considerably less. Hence a luxurious wedding is possible during the winter or during the fall for less than half the cost.

Go for only Beer and Wine, say “no” to hard liquor

Alcohol is not a must for the luxury wedding. Alcohol alone can make the function highly expensive. We can offer Beer and Wine to the guests and they will be happy and satisfied. By way of avoiding hard liquor and serving Beer and Wine the expense can be substantially reduced and it will be easy to manage the gathering.

Select the photographer very carefully

Since the best quality photography is essential to preserve the precious moments there cannot be any compromise on photography. However, one can control the photography expenses by choosing the right photographer. If the photographer compels the customer to take the prints from his studio only he must be avoided since the service will be quite expensive. One has to ensure that the photographer gives him all the rights of the photos and allow him to take the prints at a print shop of his choice. When one has the full rights, the photos can be easily shared on social networks.

Avoid last-minute shopping of Wedding Dress

One can have grand wedding dress but for reasonable prices. In order to ensure the best prices, one has to shop for the dresses as early as possible and also by going earlier we get sufficient time for shopping. Last-minute shopping will make us desperate and as a result we may spend more.

Consider different music options

When it is a luxury wedding there must be music. However, one should not be under the impression that live band alone can provide live music. Live music makes the occasion memorable but it need not be very expensive. DJ is less expensive when compared to live band. In case one plans to hire a DJ, the rate must be negotiated.

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