Things you need to know if you wear high heel shoes

Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of nerve endings in the legs and no less than 28 bones are found in these areas, that is 13.5% of the body’s bone structure? With this sensory load, do you realize what activity and what shock do you expose your feet when wearing high heels?

Statistically, 90% of women wearing high heels suffer from a minor or more complex form of leg pain, varicose veins or tired legs syndrome. When wearing high heels, an extra weight is applied to the soles and this leads to a change in the position of the back, most of them in an unhealthy direction for the column.

What happens if you wear heels daily :

Change center of gravity

The heel footwear affects the spine and weakens the legs, due to the pressure exerted on them. This adverse effect occurs almost certainly if you wear uncomfortable heel shoes every day and stay long standing.

Favors osteoarthritis

It’s the stiletto type shoe that degrades the knee cartilage. Wear often, stiletto shoes favor osteoarthritis – a degenerative joint disease – scientists have discovered at Harvard University.

Destroy the knees

Specialty studies have revealed that if you go on alert pace when you are wearing shoes with high heels or runners you are killing your knees. Even if it’s a short sprint, down to the subway or taxi.

The heels taller than 5 centimeters are unhealthy

If you have a problem with your feet, avoid shoes with heels higher than five centimeters. Lower balls give the feet a comfortable position while walking. In addition, when wearing lower tines, your ankles do not tilt strongly inward, and the pressure on the muscles is not so great as to destroy the wrists’ resistance.

Fingers begin to hurt

Because you walk on peaks when you are shoes with high heels, your fingers begin to hurt and, to move forward, they curve and tighten. It means an extra effort to go. You do not have to give up your favorite shoes, but rather sneak them.

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