The most popular New Year’s resolutions

It is human nature that every beginning of the year pledge a New Year’s resolution to try to change their lifestyle for the better -however, some resolutions are more likely to be achieved than others.

Quitting Smoking

According to The Telegraph, 9% of New Year’s resolutions made in the UK are to stop smoking. In 2016, around 15.8% of adults smoked in the UK, equating to around 7.6 million of the population.  However, these figures actually show a significant decline in the number of smokers across the UK when compared to previous years.

Drinking less

Dry January, or drinking less alcohol in general, have proven to be one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. According to The Telegraph, 12% of resolution-makers wanted to drink less alcohol in the coming year.

If this one is your resolution try Social Media for helping you stick to it. To date, Instagram has been host to 70,487 posts associated with #dryjanuary and 9,363 posts for #dryjan.

Drinking alcohol is linked to several health concerns, from diabetes and depression to weight gain and addiction, which are often the reasons why people decide to give it up for a month.

New Year, New Physique

After the Holiday period we observe that we gained weight or we are more aware of our true weight so to exercise more is one of the most common resolution for the New Year. .

As of May 2017, around one in every seven people was a member of a gym. However, January is said to be one of the busiest months for gyms across the UK.

The New Year is usually a fresh start for those looking to work on their physique, starting early to work towards their goals for their summer holidays. Whether the aim is to bulk, build muscle, tone up, lose weight, or to simply improve fitness levels, January motivation is everywhere.

Personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts and dieticians now use Instagram, and social media apps alike to encourage their followers. Diets, workouts and workout supplements are increasingly pushed out across social media, as public figures and fitness influencers shout about their favourite workout routines, diet plans and choice of protein shakes, drinks and supplements – which helps encourage people to achieve their goals and not give up.

New Diets

It comes as no surprise that diet-related New Year’s resolutions are the second most common across the UK. This one is my resolution for the New Year too. In the same article from The Telegraph, 33% of resolutions made were to lose weight and 32% were to eat more healthily. This is significantly more common amongst women, rather than men.

Sticking to a diet requires motivation, commitment and discipline. Rather than a temporary fix, choose a diet that becomes a lifestyle change.

Whatever resolution you decide to make, whether it is to do with your health and fitness, or even improving your family, social and work life, to succeed you will require complete commitment. Set out a realistic resolution so that you can make it a reality. Stay motivated and you’ll soon see the benefits of your lifestyle change.


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