The Most Diverse Cuisines In The World

The world is filled up with so many people that come from so many different cultures. We are all together a united rainbow of different skin hues, languages, fashion styles and beliefs. What sets many of us apart is the food that we eat as different cultures produce different cultural dishes. These different types of food are beautiful to explore as they hold their own magic and beauty with time tested secrets being passed down from generation to generation. What’s great about most of them is all the natural and healthy ingredients and spices they use which literally enhance your life. Research Verified reviews will tell you more about healthy ingredients and supplements you can put in your body which will also enhance your life. Let’s take as look at some of these beautiful cuisines that influence the world:

The Asian (Oriental) Influence

When I mention the Asian (Oriental) influence I mainly speak of Japanese/Korean/Thai/Chinese and Vietnamese food that all hold their own splendour. Sushi is hugely popular all over the world and originated from Japan. A bit of take away Chow Mein (Noodles) or Chop Suey (Rice) is a huge option for many people in the world. Mix it in with sweet and sour fried chicken or some beef and cashew nuts and some vegetables and it makes for the perfect meal. Thai food lets you explore many different flavors with its array of gorgeous spicy flavors from green and red curries to peanut flavored inspired curries and coconut soups.

The Indian Influence

Indian dishes offer a huge array of dishes. Many Indian dishes are vegetarian and amazing things are done with legumes and beans. Their chickpea dish Chana Masala simply bursts with flavor and they have beautiful lentil dishes as well as cauliflower options. They have lovely potato dishes and cheese dishes. Their meat options are gorgeous such as lamb and beef kormas which are covered in a sweet cashew nut sauce. Tandoori chicken is also hugely popular. What’s also lovely with Indian dishes is that you can order many dishes and share with a group of people and the meal need not be that expensive. Cultures that eat plenty of spicy food also show to have much lower incidences of heart attacks and strokes. Chili peppers may also fight inflammation. Turmeric is also used in most Indian dishes and is an amazing spice which also fights inflammation.  

The Mexican Influence

Mexicans are passionate people. Mexico is a beautiful place and the food is colorful, vibrant, tasty and spicy. Typical mexican dishes are tacos, tortillas, chilaquiles, flautas with guacamole and tamales. The basic staples of mexican food are corn, beans, squash and very famous mexican chili peppers. We all know that mexican food is spicy! Nachos is a very popular dish that originated in mexico but was designed for a more “American” palette. It’s still a hugely popular dish all over the world.

The Middle Eastern Influence

Middle Eastern food is huge all over the world as you can see by the numerous amounts of falafel and shwarma stands and shops serving people the world over. People on a whole are realizing what a healthy dip hummus is.  Olives are a big middle eastern food and can come in very large varieties. There are beautiful stuffed vine leaves that taste out of this world and are also very healthy for you. Chicken schnitzel is also very big as are lamb kebabs and specialized fish such as denis and tilapia. Spices are huge in the Middle East and a huge variety are infused in  many meals.

Of course there are more beautiful and diverse cuisines all over the world such as Italian and Greek dishes which also serve to be hugely popular. Whatever dish you wish to prepare or go out and eat, dive straight in, introduce yourself and friends to new spices and to a range of wonderful and diverse culinary delights!


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