The importance of a good study area in your home?

Whether for a student, entrepreneur or a home based paid marketing agency wanting to renovate and create a stylish home study area, having a separate home office is incredibly important.

With the importance of a home office often overlooked, having a home office that can aid creativity while ensuring that you can work comfortably in a supportive environment is key to getting the most out of your working day.

By ensuring that you have designed the best home office possible, you can ensure that you can create an area that you can enjoy spending time within, making your study or work time as enjoyable as it can be.

Within this blog, we will cover the importance of a home office and the benefits it can bring to your home and how you too can begin to develop and create a home office that you can be proud of.

Benefits of a home office

Increases home value

Whether you choose to turn the small box spare room into an office, or decide to build and create an external office connected to the home, you can be sure of one thing, that the value of your home will improve.

With home offices being an increasingly popular feature, potential homeowners will be looking for a specific area that they can work and study for the years to come, and your home office could be the turning point to inspire homeowners to make that offer that you seek.

More family time

One of the biggest benefits and one that is experienced by homeowners who make the leap to work at home a few days of the week, and that is the added time that they can spend with their family. By eliminating the need to commute, working at home and having your own office means that you can be surrounded by your loved ones when you decide to take a break away from your demanding workload.

Along with being surrounded by family and friends, the time spent travelling to and from the office can be saved, helping you to appreciate the smaller things. From walking your children to school, slowly, savouring breakfast in the morning to delicious slow cooked meals, the importance of a home office is not to go overlooked.

Environmental benefits

Another importance of a home office along with reducing the amount of time that it takes you to commute to work, working at home can also have its own environmental benefits.

Whether you travel to work by car or public transport, by removing the need to travel, you can reduce the amount of emissions that you contribute to, while helping to save you money at the same time.

Increased Availability

If you are a business owner or an employee who conducts a large number of calls and video conferencing, a key importance of working at home in your home office, and that is the added availability that it can bring.

With your home office being either a space or a room connected to the rest of the house, whenever the need arises, you can go back to the office to conduct required tasks.

Whether an international phone call in the early hours of the morning, time zones across the globe can be reduced through the ability to work as flexibly as you see fit and during hours that might otherwise not have been possible when travelling to the office.

Lower Expenses

By deciding to relocate your office to your home study, you can help to lower expenses paid before putting that profit back into the company.

Whether you are saving from the commute, the rent and utilities paid when renting an office, the money saved can be invested for the benefit of your role.

Instead of spending money unnecessarily to drive to an office, 20 minutes from your home, if you are a photographer or video editor, you could put those funds that you have managed to save towards a workstations for media and entertainment. This invaluable device can be used to speed up and improve the efficiency to which you work and complete your daily tasks.

For those small business owners, a home office can provide many tax advantages and should be a considered option for those considering starting a new endeavour.

Higher quality of work

Whether your children are studying for their school A-Levels, senior school education or you are researching and putting together a new pitch for a potential client, one thing can be guaranteed with the addition of a home office, and that is a higher quality of work. By having a separate space to move yourself to and an area where you can focus to the fullest, you can work, study and prepare to the highest, uninterrupted standard.

This separate quiet space can release inner creativity, while allowing students to practice discipline while having to plan and take the time out of their day to set aside for each needed studying and revision.

5 Top tips to creating a home office?

You are feeling inspired and motivated to create a home office that you can use, whether for revision or for your new startup business, but, how do you go about creating a welcoming and inviting area?

Here are our top tips for those planning and designing an important home office to show off to guests and clients.

1. Make sure that your home office is separate

A key importance when creating a home office, regardless of your requirements and that is making sure that the office is separate to the rest of the house.

If your office is included within a busy room, there will be no clear lines of when it is work time and when is downtime.

There needs to be a clear separation between work and home life and this can be achieved by having your office separate to the house. It is also recommended that you make your office an area that you can shut off in the evenings and at the weekend.

2. The right equipment

Before you can start working and using your home office to the fullest, making sure that it is decked out with the right equipment in aiding your role is incredibly important. Along with a high quality workstation, storage and comfortable luxury chairs and seating can make sitting hours on end at your desk a bearable activity. There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable chair that can damage your back, in turn affecting the quality of work that you produce.

3. Lighting

Fitting hand in hand with the right equipment, no home office would be complete without the correct lighting to ensure that you can work fully and efficiently without the risk of headaches. A home office with a natural light source is recommended, while overhead lighting that does not reflect any glare of shine onto the screen is also to be incorporated.

Affecting the mood that you experience when in your home office, the choice of lighting that you choose to incorporate should not be chosen lightly.

4. Layout

An important and vital aspect within Japanese culture, the Feng Shui of your home office should be heavily thought out. The way that you choose to layout your office could play a crucial part in the productivity and results that are achieved in this designated area. With plenty of room and the removal of items that could prove a distraction, make sure that items that you need frequently throughout the day are kept at a close bay.

Keep the layout of your home office as simple as possible, this can ensure that you remain focused and with a clear head.

5. Privacy

The final and an equally important point when creating a home office, the privacy that you experience should not go overlooked.

With the chances of being distracted when working at home heightened, the creation of an area where you can shut yourself off and focus on the task at hand is paramount.

Whether you choose to work when the children are at school or putting a do not disturb sign up on the door when revising, you can be confident that you receive the time and space you need to work to the fullest for the intended outcome.

There you have it, 5 top tips to creating a home study area that you can use to the fullest throughout the years ahead.

With a number of important reasons for incorporating a home office in your house, whether you are wanting to spend more time with the family, reduce your carbon footprint, the many benefits can easily be experienced when making these small lifestyle changes.

Alongside reducing the amount of hours spent travelling and commuting, a home office gives you the space and excuse to invest in that crucial piece of equipment that can aid and improve your workflow, there are many benefits to having a home office.

Let us know what you thought of our top tips for creating a home office and whether you too have experienced any problems or trials when turning your designated area into a home office.

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