The Best Items to Carry in your Car

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Most of us plan trips without evaluating the risks of a breakdown or a problem with the vehicle during the journey. Well, car-problems happen quite often. In fact, they happen more often than what you can imagine off. If you wish to save yourself from unexpected car-issues, it is important to be prepared. Planning ahead of time, and staying prepared will help you reach your destination on time. With this being said, here are the items you should always have while driving your vehicle.

A Spare Key

A lot of car owners don’t make copies of their car keys. They consider this as an unnecessary move. Well, you wouldn’t find the spare key unnecessary when you are locked out. During a fateful moment, the spare key can certainly rescue you!

Sometimes, people take spare keys and then misplace them. Alas, doesn’t this sound bad? Even the world’s best driver cannot easily solve this mistake. That is why you should take copies and store them in at least two different safe places.

A Spare Tire

The talk about the best items to keep in your car will be incomplete without a spare tire. Always carry a spare tire that can be used immediately.  When you carry a jack and a usable tire, you can fix the issue yourself if you know how to do it. 

A First Aid Kit

Another important item to be kept in your car is the first aid kit. A useful first-aid kit will cost you around 30 USD. And, the role it plays is priceless. The first aid kit needs to be assembled with care. Ensure that you have bandages, medical supplies (both the generic and special ones), tools (this includes tweezers, small mirrors, pocket knives, and scissors), ointments and miscellaneous items like tick removers and antiseptic towels.

Jumper Cables

Every driver would understand the need for jumper cables. High-quality jumper cables will help you handle batteries that run out during a drive. During cold winter drives, jumper cables prove to be extremely useful. The jumper cables offer electric energy to charge dead batteries. This will kick start the engine and then generate sufficient power for charging the dead battery.

A Tool Kit

Last but certainly not least, you must have a toolkit that has everything you need for quick repairs. The toolkit should have hex keys, hammers, measuring tapes, a ratchet set, and a screwdriver set.

Portable phone battery charger

If you don’t know how to fix the car yourself or there is another urgency where you need assistance, you can also call for a friend or a specialist, since today, we live in a world with rapid motor assistance. Gone are the days when the only solution was to fix flat tires manually only by yourself.  But for this to happen you need your phone to be charged, so always make sure you have a way to charge your phone in case of need. 

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