The Best Countries For Enriching Your Cultural Understanding

We all travel for our own reasons. Some people like the idea of getting away from home to experience a lot more freedom, some people just like the allure of more sun and spend all the time by the pool, and some like to spend their time getting to know another country and its culture. Interacting with people is something humans like to do, even if you’re a bit of an introvert, and thus you travel to find the people you truly want to be around.

And that means you need to get to grips with the culture in other countries, but if you have limited time or money for travelling, where should you head? If you don’t quite have the freedom to become the nomad you’re meant to be, what are the best countries for enriching your cultural understanding?

When it comes to travel tips, everyone needs them to have the best holiday possible. Whether you’re heading off an around the world trip alone, or trying out a gap year with your best of friends, it’s always useful to know the ins and outs of becoming the traveller you’ve always wanted to be. Here’s the countries where you’re going to find a huge culture to dip into, full of different people and customs for you to learn about!

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Try Visiting Argentina

Argentina has an extensive culture to it, with all kinds of influences from European countries due to the amount of immigration involved in its history. And yet there’s still a lot of African influences as well, all mixing together into a culture of great art, food, and music. It’s something every wannabe expat would love to get to know, and the holiday value itself makes it a great place to start.

There’s so many heritage sites for you to see here, whether they’re recognised or not, and going exploring through these monuments and towns are what attract so many tourists here. As well as the great climate, there’s so many fun activities to indulge in here: least to say, there’s the opportunity to catch rides with gauchos, who also act as a symbol of the country. Fancy jumping up behind a cowboy and experiencing the roads the way you’re meant to?

Argentina also has plenty of modern structures to it, with the city of Buenos Aires being one of the most popular for tourists to flock to. It’s most likely the place you’ll touch down in when you land, so don’t be in a hurry to get out of it. There’s a lot of cafes for afternoon tea, and these are all the kind of street vendors you’re going to want to frequent when you’re a hungry traveller.

Head to Malaysia

Time for a county on the other side of the world! Malaysia is a country full of culture and plenty of influences in it, as well as being so close to the main cultural hotspots of the world. Malaysia is slap bang in the middle of the main tourist attractions in South Asia, such as Thailand and China, and that makes it a great stepping stone to the rest of the world.

Travelling here would be probably require you to look into properties malaysia on Google, as it’s quite a trip to make, meaning you’ll be needing a good rest stop. And some time to catch a break in between all the discoveries you’re going to make! Kuala Lumpur alone is an iconic sight to behold, and it’s going to take your breath away the first time you break the camera out to catch the moment. The food you can eat alone is going to show you a world you never even knew about, and there’s ingredients on offer for everyone. Take some home and make the dishes again yourself to keep the taste around.

Travel Around the UK

The UK is a melting pot of culture, and no matter where you go there’s going to be someone different in each town you come across. People like to live in both expansive and tight knit communities around the country, and there’s a lot of cultural influences from both the East and the West, so take your pick for a good vacation.

Somewhere like London is going to be a big attraction, as it’s not only the capital city, but where the largest ethnic mix can be found. It’s a good way to observe how different communities interact with each other, and a good place to pick up behaviors for doing the same thing in your own travels. Not to mention it’s the country where English is the most spoken language, and thus you’re going to find very few language barriers here if that’s what you’re most worried about.

Camp Out in Italy

Italy is considered quite the fashion icon of a country, and there’s a lot of history and style to discover here. The towns can be quite small but full of colour, and there’s always an element of classic culture around the corner. Even the cobbles you’re walking on are going to teach you a lesson: you need better shoes! Strong leather is something Italy does well, so take a look around those market stalls.

Italy is often considered one of those countries everyone should visit once in their lifetime at the very least, and it’s one of the most romantic places in the world. So many lakes for you to sail over or recline in, eating well made pasta in its birth nation. Not to mention the pizza made here is unrivalled anywhere else!

Every country in the world has its own culture, and everyone who likes to jetset around the world is going to prefer somewhere to somewhere else. However, if you’re looking to get introduced to the world in a fast manner, and indulge in some of the richest traditions out there, this is the list for you.

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