Ten Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom and Make It More Comfortable

Your bathroom is surprisingly more important to your daily routine than you might think. Just think about it; have you ever woken up and realized that the water has turned off, or that someone forgot to flush the night before? It probably leaves you in a slightly frustrated mood that can be quite a stressful start to your busy day. Nobody wants to leave the bathroom feeling annoyed because it distracts you and gives you an unpleasant start to the day.

So to help you out, we’ve put together a couple of upgrades for your bathroom so that you can keep it in good condition and ensure that you start and end the day on a good note.

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1. Have a plumber come and examine your fixtures and piping

There’s nothing worse than poor water pressure when you turn on your bathroom taps or try to have a shower. It makes having a wash in the morning difficult and it’ll take ages to fill a bathtub. Leaks are also a huge problem as they’ll generally cost you a lot of money and nobody likes the sound of a leaky tap in the morning. Get a plumber in and have them fix those issues and even consider upgrading your fixtures and piping to ensure a better bathroom experience.

2. Invest in extra storage solutions to keep your counters clear

If you’re tired of keeping everything on your bathroom counters, on top of the toilet tank or around the edge of your bathtub, then consider investing in some extra storage solutions. This could include a shelf above your toilet tank, it could involve a couple of wall shelves or even changing out your sink for something that has a bit of extra storage underneath the basin.

3. Change out your bathroom tiles

Although quite a demanding DIY job, replacing the tiles in your bathroom can make it seem like a completely different place. It’s a very long project to do on your own so consider hiring a contractor to help you replace and clean the tiles or ask a DIY-savvy friend if they can lend you a hand with some advice or even tools.

4. Replace the lighting if it’s too dim or warm

A new set of lights can make a big difference in the way your bathroom looks. If your lights are too dim or even too warm, then it can change the way you see yourself in the mirror. You ideally want white lights that are nice and bright so that you don’t get any weird tints. It can create a beautiful-looking bathroom and will certainly wake you up in the mornings.

5. Install a better towel bar or consider a radiator

Towel bars hardly sound like something to upgrade, but you’d be surprised at what can happen to your towel bar if you and your family regularly leave wet towels on it. If it’s made of plastic, then it might start attracting mould and mildew and if it’s not anchored properly to the wall, a heavy wet towel could loosen it off the wall. The solution is to look for a sturdier towel bar or even consider a choice of towel radiators that will not only look fantastic but even help you keep your towels nice and warm for when you use them. It’s a brilliant upgrade that isn’t difficult to install and certainly not very expensive for the comfort it offers, and they can even offer you more towel storage space.

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6. Replace your shower curtain more often

A smelly shower curtain is always a bad sign of neglect, so replace it more often so that it feels nice and fresh for when you take a shower. Mould and mildew can easily build up on a shower curtain and it will leave a lingering smelly if you don’t deal with it!

7. If you have space, install a seating area in the shower

If your shower area is quite large then you could consider installing a little seating area. This will often involve drilling into the shower wall so that you can add slab or counter to sit on while you shower, but it can be a brilliant way to relax and you can even use it for storage space like keeping your shampoo and soap.

8. Add a medicine cabinet if you don’t already have one

Medicine cabinets are excellent because they function as mirrors and storage space together. It’s an easy location to remember where you put certain items such as the medication you take in the morning and you can save a lot of space by getting rid of unwanted shelves and moving everything to a sturdy high-quality medicine cabinet.

9. Take a look at your ventilation options to prevent mould and mildew

If your bathroom occasionally suffers from mould and mildew issues then you’ll want to take a look at your ventilation options. This typically involves leaving a window open so that the steam has a way to exit your home, but this can be a problem during the colder months of the year and if your bathroom doesn’t have a window then you obviously can’t do that. You could consider installing a better extractor fan if there’s no other option, and this can be a relatively cheap and simple upgrade that will keep your bathroom looking and smelling great.

10. Upgrade the toilet to a smart model

If you’ve ever been interested in Japan then you’ll probably have heard about smart Japanese toilets. These toilets offer a bidet, they can dry you after you go, they have heated seats and can even play music. These are essentially futuristic toilets that will make your everyday life so much more comfortable and easier. They’ll even automatically flush once you leave the toilet and the seat cover will open for you as you enter the room. These toilets can be bought outside of Japan but they do cost a pretty penny and are definitely not purchases that you can make willy nilly.

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