Take Back the Space in Your Home

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Over time our homes start to fill up. It happens without us even noticing and then you suddenly find you do not have enough space anymore. You are having to step over things and tripping up stuff that has been there for ages, and the time has come for you to do something about it.

De-Clutter Every Room

To take back the space in your home the first thing you need to do is get rid of all the clutter you do not need. You should go through your home room by room and have three boxes or bags. In one, you put things that are beyond the use of anyone and need to be put in the rubbish. The next should be for things you no longer need but they can be recycled or useful to someone else. The third box should be for things you want to keep but perhaps need to be stored away. This is often things of a sentimental nature; items that there is no way you want to part with.

Storage And More Storage

Good storage is crucial if you want the space back in your home. For instance, ottoman beds provide extra storage in bedrooms without taking up any additional space. Baskets that will fit inside wardrobes or cupboards can be very useful as well. Footstalls with lids can hold items from your living room that only get used occasionally, and shelving can be the answer to removing lots of items from your floor space.

Use The Space That Is Not Used

If you look around your home you could find little spaces such a corner, under stairs and alcoves that are not used at all. These are wasted space that could hold storage units, shelving units or boxes. They can be made to look attractive and become more part of the room as well as being a convenient place to store more of your items.

Furniture That Does Not Fit

Look at the furniture and firstly consider if you really need all of it. Each piece takes up some space and if there is anything that does not get used, you should really think about disposing of it. If any of your furniture is too big for the room it is in, could moving things from room to room help?  Furniture that is too large will not only be awkward to navigate around, it can also shrink the size of your room to the eye.

A Cleaner And More Spacious Home

With more things put away or disposed of, and less of it cluttering your home, the housework will become a much easier job. When there are not so many ornaments to move and clean, and not so many things to pick up of the floor, cleaning looks an easier task before you even start. The secret then is to make sure you keep the space in your home and do not let things slowly start to creep back in and take up all your space again.

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