Stylish Touches to Finish Your Home

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Sometimes, we spend months, even years redecorating our homes. We spend time designing each room, thinking about what we want and making massive changes and improvements. Whether it’s striping wallpaper and carpets or starting from scratch or knocking walls through and changing the structure of our rooms, it’s hard work. When we move into a new house, it often takes years until we finish our decorating tasks. But, what about when you put all of this time, effort and money in and it still doesn’t feel right? We assume that all these big changes will leave us with the house of our dreams and can be disappointed to find that this isn’t the case. It’s often not the significant dramatic changes that make things perfect. It’s the little finishing touches that make a house a home. Here’s a look at some stylish touches that can finish your home and make it feel just right.

Wall Art

Painting a wall or hanging new wallpaper is rarely enough to create the perfect atmosphere or look. Your walls need more. They need personality and colour. It’s usually a good idea to stick to plain, light walls to make your rooms look larger and give you room to add extras. Wall art from baytree interiors can give you excellent options. Consider artwork, canvas prints, mirrors and framed photographs to give your walls a little extra.

Curtain Poles

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Your curtain poles are such a small thing that you’ve probably given no thought at all. But, they can draw the eye, give your curtains further focus and emphasise your natural light source. If you’re currently using an ugly plastic pole or a simple wooden option, take them down and replace them with something with more detail. Go for brass, gold or copper to make a statement, or add some detailed ends to your current poles for a cheaper alternative.

Change Your Radiators

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Radiators are essential. They’re in most rooms in most homes, yet we rarely pay them any attention, they’re just there in the background. If you want to make your home different, take every day things like your radiators and make them stand out. Turn your radiators into something that people look at. You could simply paint them a different colour or replace them with stylish or retro versions.

Door Knobs and Handles

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Door knobs and handles are everywhere. They’re on internal and external doors, cupboards and draws and most other things that open. They are usually metallic and basic. Something else that’s just there in the background receiving no attention. They are easy and cheap to replace. Look around charity and antique shops for something different or even spend some time upcycling your own.

Add a Wow

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Sometimes, you need a bigger finishing touch to make a real difference. Add something that makes people say wow. This could be a bold feature wall, elegant patterns on cushions or soft furnishings, a large statement rug, or fun tiling on your floors. Think about what would draw your attention and take your breath away.

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