Solo Travel Tips for Vienna

For the solo traveler, Austria is a wonderful country to visit. It is really easy to get around, you always get a warm welcome and they cater well for lone travelers.

If you do go to Austria spending a few days in Vienna really should be a part of your itinerary. As you will see, it is a stunning capital city that offers plenty for the solo traveler to enjoy.

Enjoy the arts

For someone who enjoys culture, Vienna is a lovely place. It is full of beautiful art galleries, theatres, and opera houses.

There are always plenty of classical concerts in Vienna for you to enjoy. A night at the opera or theatre is great for the solo traveler. In these settings you know that you will never have to sit alone, and stand out as being on your own.

In a place like Vienna, it is quite likely that you will be sitting next to someone who shares a common language with you. So, if you get there a bit early and so do the people around you, it is really easy to strike up a conversation.

Treat yourself to coffee and cake

Venetians love their coffee houses. There is a strong cafe culture and has been for centuries. The nice thing is that, in Vienna, it is not uncommon to see people enjoying a solitary, so you really need not feel out of place as a solo traveler.

Enjoy a meal out

If you find eating alone a bit of a trial the best approach is to eat in one of the busy self-serve restaurants. FIRST by Rosenberger in the Wein area is an excellent example of this type of eatery. The fact you help yourself means that you do not have to spend time sitting alone waiting to be served. You simply select the food you like the most, sit down and eat. So, you are never left sitting there with nothing to do but watch groups of people conversing. At busy times, there is a good chance that someone will ask to sit at your table, so you will not have to dine alone, unless you really want to.

Visit the MuseumQuartier Wein

This area of the city houses the vast majority of its biggest and most well-known art galleries. There is something to suit every taste. It is a really good place to chill out. You will find a lot of students and other types of solo travelers visiting this part of the city. So, it is super easy to blend in.

Take a walking tour around the historic quarter

Vienna has some wonderful architecture, so there are plenty of really interesting walking tours for you to enjoy. There are many different types available. So, it is easy to find one that suits your personal tastes and makes it more likely for you to meet people with similar interests.

A slightly different way to tour of the historic quarter is to take a horse and carriage tour. You can find out more about this option, here. If you are a bit of a foodie you can take a carriage trip that includes food and drink from some of Vienna’s best bars, cafes, and restaurants.

Many solo travelers find the evenings the hardest time of day to be alone. Fortunately, there are several evening walking tours available that mean you do not have to pass the evening sitting in a corner reading a book.

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