Skin care for the eye area

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I want to talk to you about skin care around your eyes. I’m 27 years old, but I noticed I have some fine wrinkles in the corner of my eyes. I’ve decided I have to do something about that before its deeper and more visible.
The skin of the eye area is the most sensitive and therefore requires special care.

Cleansing :

It is necessary to clean your face every night! Is indicated the use of a special makeup product for the eyes. Avoid using only water and soap as the soap dries the skin. Do not push or hard rub the cleansing disc around your eyes, dab it gently to prevent damage to your skin.

Eye area care :

It’s not good to apply very fat creams around the eyes. Softly textured products are especially preferred for the eye area. I prefer vitamin E oil because it treats wrinkles and it prevents and repairs the free radical damage. If you are older, I recommend taking care of your skin, use a day cream with SPF, summer protective sunglasses, natural masks and apply slices of cucumber in your eyes.

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