Simple steps to start your new blog

As the Internet grew and technology matured, people saw the benefits of having a blog. News services have started to use blogs for information and opinion formation, businesses are using blogs for marketing and customer services. There are also niche bloggers who use blogs to reach more people interested in specific topics. Blogging has become mainstream. Today, anyone with a computer with an Internet connection can become a blogger. And that means you too can do it, either as a hobby or for extra income.

Here are a few steps to get you started:

Choose a domain name

First of all, you have to choose a domain name – the URL for your site. This name can even be your own name, which, once used, can build a brand around you (if you feel comfortable using it). Another name may be more suggestive and may have a greater impact. If you need some inspiration or help with brainstorming your blog name, you can try using one of the free tools like this generator by Satori Studio. After that, you will have to buy web hosting for the blog.

Choose a platform

A second step is to choose the platform you will use to manage the site. I use WordPress. It’s free, it installs easily and is very search engine friendly. Plus it is easy to use.

You can choose a simple WordPress theme. Appearance is less important than content. Work now to write articles, and after you have enough articles you can improve the look. It’s better to have a good, appreciated and ‘ugly’ blog than a nice one with bad articles. In this phase, the appearance is in second place. Also now you can install the basic plugins for the blog.

Choose the content and audience

Choose for whom you will write: only for yourself or for others. In the first case, it is a personal journal and it does not matter what and how you write. In the second case, you no longer care about what you think about your articles. But what your readers believe. Always write with them in mind. Choose what you will write. You can have a general blog or a niche blog. The generalist writes about everything, the second write about a certain area of interest and possibly a few other secondary areas. 

Choose how often you will write. But keep in mind that – as with any other concern – the more you work you put in your blog, the more likely you are to make it a success. Additionally, if you write too rarely the blog will not reach the impulse to rise. It’s like a snowball: the bigger it gets, the easier it grows. More specifically, you should publish at least one weekly article, to keep the blog at the limit of “breakdown”. If you want to grow, you’ll have to write more often. It is recommended that in your first months of existence you write a minimum of 2-3 articles per week. To keep the pace, learn how to create relatively easy-to-write content instead of overly-complicated post.

Promote your blog

In addition to writing articles, you also need to promote them in the areas of interest. It is advisable to develop relationships with people in your niche: influencers, other bloggers on the niche (or close niches) and, of course, people that are interested in reading about what you write (your potential future readers). Look for bloggers about the same level as you. Try to develop partnerships to evolve together. Give each other feedback, support each other’s articles. 

Also, choose some of the main Social Media channels to work on to increase your influence (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc). Click Consult has a great guide to Blogging and Social Media that you might want to check out for more information.

Do not post your articles on all Facebook groups, do not spam your acquaintances with dozens of messages asking them to share your articles. Learn and write better. Gradually you will be noticed, and your articles will become appreciated.

Expect to have no readers at first. Creating a blog is a process and it takes time. Time for you to learn how to manage the blog, write better, become known. Don’t be discouraged if at first, you don’t have readers, comments or likes on articles. They will come too. Perseverance is key!

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