Simple Steps To Discover Who You Really Are

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Some people spend a lifetime trying to truly understand who they are, and it’s true that self-knowledge is one of the greatest gifts we can hope to possess. When you know exactly who you are, your purpose becomes clear and instead of looking for permission or approval from others, you can be your authentic self. You also get to escape the frustration and wasted time of pursuing things or people  – careers, education courses – which ultimately aren’t right for you, as well as being one of the keys to becoming self-confident. So how do you go about the journey of discovering who you really are?

Take Time To Be Still

We live in a 24/7, always connected culture that positively encourages a cult of competitive busyness. It’s like if we aren’t suffering from burnout and honouring multiple commitments each day, somehow we aren’t enough of a person. There is a collective fear of quiet and contemplation that you will need to break. Yes, it can be uncomfortable to escape all distraction and face up to your worst flaws, but this concentrated evaluation is the only real way to know yourself, and ultimately, what will make you happy.

Who You Are Vs Who You Think You Should Be

Maybe you really are a career driven Alpha type who finds fulfilment in winning accolades – but don’t assume you are just because society or your parents seems to want you to be that way. Maybe you’re a budding entrepreneur, a laid back spiritual type or even an out-and-proud hipster looking for your next vape mod. There’s no judgement – just an acceptance that who you are is not what other people tell you. Everyone has their specific talents which fit into a bigger picture. If you’re really stuck, taking a personality test can be very illuminating. Discover your honest strengths and you can focus on the change you can uniquely bring to the world

Find Your Passion

Finding our passion in life is what really makes us feel fulfilled on a very deep level. When we feel motivated without external factors, just because we love what we are doing, it’s a beautiful thing. It makes it far easier to be consistent and out in consistent effort, which is what really leads to results. Understanding our drivers can lead us into a career that we find joy in. We spend so much of our lives at work, so doing something that we love adds a huge amount of value to our existence, allows us to really shine and to make an impact on the world.

Value Feedback

Once you have a solid idea of who you are, it’s much easier to take the ideas of others on board without perceiving them as an attack or a criticism. Honestly asking for feedback, whether it’s personal or in a work context can really give insight that helps us to improve. If you’re hearing that you need to work on the same thing from different sources, be it time management or your communication skills, then you’ll be more able to work out how to do that in a way which suits your personality type.

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