Seven Things to Do Every Day to Have Strong, Shiny Hair

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We all dream of beautiful hair, and almost all shampoo and conditioner promises excellent results, only to disappoint. The truth is that there is only so much you can do for your hair from the outside, and you need to support it through your body and your habits if you would like long lasting results. To maintain the health of your roots and scalp, you could take on new habits that will improve your looks and how you feel about yourself. Find out more below.

  1. Brush Often

Brushing your hair will increase the circulation in the scalp and help your cells deliver important vitamins and minerals to your roots. You need to get a massage brush that is not going to scratch your scalp, even if you use it for several minutes a day. Brush your hair in the morning for a few minutes, and at night before you would go to bed. Before washing it, also give it a good brush, to avoid losing hair that gets tangled during shampooing.

  1. Massage

You might also want to give your scalp a good massage every time you wash your hair. Don’t settle for shampooing the hair itself: make sure you are increasing the circulation of your scalp and get rid of the residue of hair care products during the process. You can give your scalp a massage using Argan oil or coconut oil once a week, as well.

  1. Drink Water

To keep your hair and skin hydrated, and support the delivery of nutrients through the cells, you will have to drink at least six glasses of water a day. Don’t fall for juices that have a lot of sugar. If you love fruity taste, you can get a water filter with fruit infusion insert, but stay away from commercial juices that have added sugar, flavorings, and colorants. Try to avoid fizzy drinks that dehydrate your body.

  1. Vitamin Supplements

If you would like to support your hair from the inside, you might buy some vitamin and mineral supplements for hair problems. Revitol contains antioxidants that help the body and hair recover from trauma and long term exposure to chemicals and toxins. Tablets and vitamin shakes with iron, zinc, and copper will help your skin and hair recover and regain their healthy appearance.

  1. Cut Back on Curlers and Hair Iron

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To maintain your hair’s natural beauty, you need to think twice every day before you use the hair iron or the curler. If you have wavy or curly hair, try to make the most out of what you have, instead of trying to reshape it. Check out this blog post for the best curly haircuts that are easy to manage and fun to style without the hair iron.  Use heat-free curlers after washing your hair, and dry your hair naturally whenever you can.

  1. Natural Hair Products

To make a real difference, you might want to change your everyday shampoo and conditioner and choose an ethically sourced range that has natural ingredients and no added chemicals. Silicone can make your hair shiny from the outside, and hair vax will give it a boost and volume, but they can also make it harder for your hair to absorb the vitamins from the sunshine and your food. Find natural hair products that are plant-based, and see the difference. You might apply hair masks using natural oils overnight, such as henna or Argan oil and wash it off in the morning when you are getting ready for work.

  1. Let It Breathe

No matter how tempted you are to keep your hair in a ponytail all day, you shouldn’t do it. Let your hair breathe, and use different hairstyles during the day, so you allow the roots to breathe and recover. Brush your hair through at night and let it down while you are sleeping. If you are wearing a ponytail or an updo for work, as soon as you come home, let your hair down. Even if you have to cook dinner at night, use a hairband instead of a tight ponytail.

The secret of beautiful hair lies on the outside. While hair care and styling products are necessary, you will also have to make sure that you support your body from the inside. Allow your roots to breathe, swap to natural products, and brush regularly. Drink plenty of water, and take a beauty supplement with antioxidants that will help your skin and hair regain its natural shine. Ease off on the heat, and try natural ways to style your hair.


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