Sensibio H2O Cleansing Water

If someone would ask me to choose a single cleanser to use it all my life I would choose Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micelle Lotion! I have a lot of cleansers because this step is essential in my care routine but this one is number one

I did not understand why everyone praised this micellar lotion, I was very curious to try it so I went and bought it. At first, I was reticent, it looked exactly like water and I was thinking “surely I’ll get some uses and maybe not clean up well. Well, as I started to use it was love from first use.
Effectively removes any trace of makeup, thoroughly clean but very delicate. I soak some cotton pads with Sensibio H2O and I gently cleanse my skin and remove my makeup. I use it for the eye and removes any trace of mascara, eyeliner, and blush without insisting or clinging my skin.
It does not smell and is extremely soft with my skin. Sometimes I use it in the morning to remove the impurities from the face.
It takes a small amount of product, with 4 cleansing disks removing my face and skin and eyes. From the summer so far I used about 1 micelle lotion of 250 ml.
I have oily and sensitive skin but I prefer Sensibio and not Sebium that is for oily skin. I think it’s much better for me and it’s “gentle”.
The bottle is a normal one that permits perfect product dosing.
I am very pleased with this product, doing what promises, cleanses in depth, leaving the skin clean, does not irritate the eyes but easily removes makeup and does not contain scents or other irritating ingredients.

I tried the other versions of cleansing waters from Bioderma but trust me this one wins every time. It’s affordable because you don’t have to buy it too often and it leaves your skin smooth and clean.


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