Selecting the Best Suit for Your Winter Wedding

Whatever time of the year you get married, you want to look your best. This applies whether you are the bride or the groom. If you are preparing for a summer wedding, choosing your dress or suit is not too hard.  It will be relatively warm. Even if it rains, you just need to an umbrella to help you to stay dry because it is not likely to be freezing cold.

In the winter, things get a bit more complicated. At that time of the year, you can’t be 100% sure what the weather is going to do. It might be lovely and sunny, raining or even snowing. Plus, as the day wears on the temperature always changes drastically.

So, when you get married in the winter your outfit has to be adaptable. That applies to the groom as much as it does to the bride. So, today, I thought we would look at things from his perspective and work out what he needs to look for in a winter wedding suit.

A three-piece suit

During the colder months, a three-piece suit is perfect for a wedding. The waistcoat acts as another layer, which means the groom feels warmer. That is an important consideration on a cold, windy or icy day. It is impossible to look your best in the photos, if you are numb with cold or shivering.

Not to mention the fact that this style of suit looks fantastic and, right now, they are really fashionable. Plus, of course, the groom can have a lot of fun with a three-piece suit. He can use the waistcoat to express his personality and make a bit of a splash.

The right shirt

The groom’s shirt needs to match his suit, but it should also be warm. A good-quality shirt made from closely woven, high thread count fabric will definitely keep him warmer than a thin one would. It will look a lot better too. Plus, if it is really cold and the groom has to wear a vest it will not show up under a shirt that is made from this sort of material.

An overcoat

For a winter wedding it makes a lot of sense for the groom to have an overcoat to hand. That way if it is biting cold he can wear it on the way to the venue.

They are expensive items to buy, especially if it is not the sort of thing you normally wear. So, borrowing or hiring one makes sense.

Shoes with non-slip soles

The right footwear is important too. Of course, they need to go with his suit, but they should also have non-slip soles. If it is icy, the groom does not want to be sliding around trying not to fall over. There are several ways to make shoes non-slip, which are easily found on the internet.

They also need to be waterproof. No groom wants to spend the whole day wearing damp shoes.

More outfit tips for the groom

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