Rock the Festival Scene in 2018: This Year’s Fashion Musts

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Festival season has arrived, and if you’re planning to battle with the mud at Glastonbury or get your rock on at Lollapalooza, that means it is about now that you should start looking at your 2018 festival wardrobe. You’re sure to be taking lots of selfies, so you’re going to want to look your best, right?

The good news is, I’ve put together a list of some of the biggest trends set to rock the festival scene in 2018…

The Flower Crown

Some people see the flower crown as a festival cliche, but it is still set to be a big part of festival fashion this year. If you want yours to stand out from the crowd, whey not make your own?

Ripped Bermuda Shorts

Ripped jeans have long been associated with rock festivals and those who attend them, but this year, it is um…ripped up distressed Bermuda shorts that are set to be a big thing. Comfy and good for keeping you cool, they will look great paired with your favorite band tee or halter.

Band Tees

Speaking of band tees, has there ever been a time when they haven’t been popular at festivals? If you want to look cool and feel comfortable when wearing your favorite Johnny Cash tee or Nirvana vest is the way to do it. If you can, try to go for a vintage tee which will improve your fashion credentials no end.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is still pretty popular, particularly with boho types., So if you’re looking to achieve the laid-back hippie look when you head off to Burning Man, you could do worse than to accessorize your outfit with a rose gold belly bar, necklace or bracelet. Remember, although when it comes to jewelry, less is usually more, if it’s boho you’re going for, stacking and layering your accessories is the thing to do.


If you want to look as glam as possible and have a bit of fun with your look, you’re going to want to pack a lot of loose body glitter. I mean, festivals are the one time of year where everyone can dress up, experiment and really make a statement and glitter is going to be a big part of that this year.

Crochet Vets

Crocheted clothing isn’t just for older women – it is fabulous for those of you who want to make a real statement at festivals. A pretty white crocheted vest with tassels or fringing, like this one from H&M is ideal, especially when teamed with tiny jean shorts. Oh, don’t forget those ankle boots either!

Red Lipstick

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Looking to recreate the classic rock chick look on yourself?Take a leaf out of Courtney Love’s book and never be seen outside your tent without a slick of bright red lipstick. Red, not your color? It doesn’t matter as long as you go bold on the lips.

Colored Hair

You’re also going to want to give you hair a bit of a revamp by dyeing it an outrageous shade of pink, blue, orange or even gray. Channel your inner punk rock girl.

The Body Chains

Body chains are going to be really big this year because they are the perfect way of adding layers and accessorising your bikini top and shorts or your favorite band tee without adding layers, which is the last thing you want to do if it’s hot out.

Flowing Floral Dresses

Floral maxi dresses are and probably have always been the perfect festival staple for girls who want to stay mostly covered up and shaded from the sun, but who still want to look completely amazing and totally feminine, They conjure up images of the summer of love and hippies, and they attract attention.


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Providing the festival you’re attending is at no danger of being wet and waterlogged, Toms are the perfect shoe because they are very comfortable, come in a wide range of colors, and best of all, they will pretty much go with anything.

Aztec Blankets

In terms of accessories for festivals, you really can’t beat a good bold and beautiful Aztec blanket. These woven blankets are not only very colorful and great for laying down on the grass so you can sit and enjoy the atmosphere without dirtying yourself but when it gets chilly, you can use them as an impromptu shawl or scarf to keep you warm as you look cool.

Festivals are, or at least they should be, all about freedom of expression, so you shouldn’t stick to any fashion rules too rigidly, but by including some or all of the above in your wardrobe, you can guarantee that you’ll look great and have a good time.

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