Renowned Hair Care Tips

It really doesn’t matter if your hair is oily, thin, or dry. It is important to take care of it the best way that you can. Some tips are common for all hair types. But, there are also tips and tricks for specific hair types. In this short article, you will read about the best hair care tips that work on all hair types.

The wet strands!

You must not underestimate the risk of wet strands. After a long shower, you must not rub your hair. Instead, you must pat your hair. When you apply products to wet hair, it will become frizzy and the cuticles will stay low. Though there are products to tame frizz, it would be wise to stay away from them.

A perfect hair wash

Do you prefer lukewarm- or cold- water for a hair shower? Showers are relaxing moments. However, you should be real with your needs. Scalding showers will not be worth for everyone. Water that is too hot will strip essential nutrients from your hair. It can result in duller and drier hair. That is why you should shower at the right temperature. Lukewarm water will not be harsh on your scalp and hair.

The right conditioner

“Do we need a conditioner or not?” This is a million-dollar question raised by thousands of girls around the world. It is important to use the right conditioner at the right time. The wrong conditioner can make your hair greasy. To be more precise, the roots will become extremely greasy. This is why you should place the conditioner on a specific portion of the hair. Try to avoid the roots. The conditioner must be applied from the ends to mid-length. When there is conditioner applied at the roots, your hair strands will be weighed down.

Toweling your hair

“Toweling” is definitely a day-to-day activity. But, too much toweling is bad for your hair. Toweling is done to remove excess water from your hair after a shower. However, too much drying off with a towel is bad. That is why you must squeeze water and then use a cotton cloth to dry your hair. Cotton is much softer and gentler than towels.

Before Applying Heat

Last but certainly not least, you must protect your hair before styling or blow-drying. Excess heat will reduce the overall quality of your hair. To reduce the impact of excess heat on your hair, you must apply a protective layer before heat styling. 

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