Putting The “Living” In Living Room

Are you sick of playing it safe with the living room? Think everything looks a little drab, a little lifeless? It’s the most social and welcoming room in the home, or so it should be. But because it’s the room that’s most “on-display”, some people think conservatively when it comes to living room décor. Here, we’re going to look at ways to really put the “living” in the living room without turning it into an overworked, glaring eyesore.


Get dramatic

Colour is where most people tend to play it a little too safe. Those rich, deeper colours can make the room feel warm and cosy, at first, but in time it can create a mood that feels too dark and a little too cloying. A few truly bright pieces of furniture can immediately energise the room. TheyDesign.net shows some examples of how brighter, more lively colours can keep the room engaging without flooding it with too much colour for comfort. You don’t have to add too much drama to get the right effect. A seat or two, accents like pillows, pieces on a feature wall. You want just enough drama to make sure that the comfy palette of the room doesn’t descend into boring monotony.

Let that light in

If you want that feeling of comfort, you might also think of using heavy curtains to add to your windows. If you want lively, they can add the exact opposite, making a home feel a little old-fashioned. What’s more, they might not be making the best use of the natural light your room would otherwise get. Try out lighter window treatments in the summer, such as blinds or solar shades. They can provide as much cover and privacy, but when you want to let the light into the room, they don’t get in the way. A brighter room feels fresher, more natural, and a little less claustrophobic so do what you can to maximise that light. A large mirror on the wall facing the windows can be a great touch, too.

Add your own focal point

Some rooms come with a focal point ready to go. There might be a space for an entertainment system in the wall, an in-built bookshelf or, the most valuable of them all, a fireplace. A focal point draws the eye and acts at the centre of the room, giving you something to decorate around. If you don’t have one, you can just as easily add your own. You can create your own feature wall or even manage the ambiance and the heating appeal of a real fire with IllusionFires.com.au. Focal points are a necessary part of the rooms décor if you don’t want it feeling unfocused and scattered in its approach.


Invite them to your gallery

A feature wall doesn’t necessarily have to be a focal point, but it can always add a bit more life to an otherwise lifeless wall. It’s your opportunity to choose some of your favourite kinds of art or add a personal touch with your own photos up on the wall. A gallery wall is your chance to put your personality on display. However, if you’re aiming for a more minimalist approach to your décor, you don’t have to add lots and lots of pictures and frames. CreateAWall.com.au and similar services let you choose a design and scale it to the wall. You can add that aesthetic appeal without having to throw too much at the wall and see what sticks.

Show them a little more of yourself

Adding personal pictures and showing off your taste in art isn’t the only way to add a little of your own personality to the room, either. Incorporating your hobby into your décor can be a very interesting way to differentiate your living room somewhat. The most obvious way to do is to add the age-old favourite: the bookcase. Whether you buy one or build one directly against the wall, a bookcase never fails to add some intrigue and class to a room. But there are other ways to incorporate other hobbies, as well. If you’re a music lover, creating a collage of your favourite record covers on the wall adds tons of personality, just as effective as a gallery wall.

Bring the green

If you want your living room to feel livelier, a little life goes a long way. Houseplants have a lot to offer your home. Larger ones like those shown at balconygardenweb.com can work excellently as a focal piece. A well-looked after houseplant could be the drop of colour that the room needs. It makes the room feel much fresher, especially as it helps clean up the actual air you breathe. There’s no denying that having something living in there makes it feel a lot more vibrant and friendly, too. Houseplants are a simple addition, but they can give so much to the space they’re in so consider making room for one.


Don’t let the clutter take over

If you have a keen taste for décor, then it might be a problem that you start seeing too much of what you love. When you start impulse buying little knick-knacks and accent pieces, it’s all too easy to start cluttering up the living room. If that’s the case, it’s time to take a critical eye over everything. Look at what’s currently in the room and look at it piece by piece. Does that individual piece add anything unique to the room that something else isn’t doing? Does it still have the same appeal as when you first added it? Is the area it’s in too busy? Be ruthless when decluttering your living room. Otherwise, it’s going to feel uncomfortable, claustrophobic, and visually too busy to appreciate.

Don’t worry too about whether or not a change might be “too much”. If it makes you feel comfortable or energized, that’s the most you can ask for. It’s a lot worse to have a room that looks dull, featureless, and boring. Take a chance and add some real life to your living room.


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