Popular features for your Dream Luxury Home

If the plan is to build a custom luxury home, then it is essential to take into consideration the popular features that it needs to have. Only then can the family members live in royalty and enjoy life. There is available plenty of luxury branded options to select from. The person only has to sit with the family members and a professional consultant to determine the features to be installed which will offer that luxury quotient to the home.

Top custom luxury home features to add

  • Outdoor kitchen: It could probably a simple expanded grilling place or an elaborate affair having several amenities found within the indoor kitchen like the sink, lighting, refrigerator, natural stone countertops, cabinetry, etc.
  • Kitchen having wine cooler: They can be found of different sizes and is sure something a luxury desirable amenity.
  • Kitchen having warming drawer: The warming drawer is considered to be a specialty item that can be allocated to serve more general purpose. This kitchen feature has been rated as desirable or essential by over 30% of home owners.
  • 2 story family room: This family room like the 2 story entry foyer is said to consume space and requires proper heating. It can also be used for various purposes. This room does consume plenty of space as more floor space in any typical family room when compared to typical entry foyer.
  • Wet Bar: It is the place to mix and serve beverages and comes with a sink. This upscale item is quite in demand among luxury home owners.
  • 2 story Entry Foyer: The foyer tends to create visually appealing entrance, but occupies good amount of space which requires to be conditioned.
  • Exercise room: Majority of the luxury home owners are likely to set aside some space dedicated for playing indoor games, while others who are health conscious will like to have an exercise room installed with weights, treadmill or other types of equipments.
  • Game room: Having a game room that is meant exclusively for carrying out specific recreational activities such as table top games or playing pool is indeed a great idea.
  • Elevator: This is another luxury feature desired by luxury home owners. According to the real estate industry, it is concentrated strongly at the high end market.
  • Sophisticated bathroom: The bathroom is another important room, where the latest technological gadgets and equipments can be fitted to give out that luxury required to provide relaxation to the users.

The above are the top features desired by luxury home owners.

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