Planning the perfect dinner date

Before planning the perfect dinner date one should have clear understanding of the purpose of meeting over the dinner table. Eating the food which is served on their plates is just a part of it. Both partners have a lot more to do after sitting face to face and eating the food items that were ordered. The two people have a lot more to do and hence it is very important to plan the dinner date in the proper way. A perfectly planned dinner date is a great experience for both. When the dinner date is perfect everything will start moving towards perfection – their love, their life, people and surroundings. Now, let us see how we can plan a perfect dinner date.


Plan it with seriousness and in advance

A lot of planning is required to make the dinner date perfect. One has to consider various aspects – the place, the food, the timing – and then finalize the plan. One should start the planning at least a week before. Before finalizing the place one may listen to the opinions of the friends who had been there earlier.

Reveal to her that you are eager to meet her

A few days before the exact date give her the message saying that you are expecting to meet her soon in person. During the telephonic conversation tell her in clear voice that you look forward to meet her shortly. Let her gain the impression that you are missing her company. Be romantic and try to make her also eager to meet you.

See to it that she is impressed with your behavior

The dinner date is an opportunity for you to prove that you are a nice gentleman. Inform her in advance that you will pick her up from her place by a certain time. In case you do not have a car book a self-drive car instead of hiring a cab. Open and close the door of the car for her and also provide her a chair. Make it a point to shower a few compliments and also ask her how she feels and how is the day for her. She must be convinced that she is really loved by you.

Ensure that the first dinner date is arranged in a restaurant

In a hurry to impress her do not invite her to your house for the first dinner date. You can invite her to your home for the third or fourth dinner date.

Ensure that she is served with the drink that she likes

One should know correctly whether she likes cocktails, beer or red wine and provide her the drink that she likes. For a teetotaler order some interesting drink other than soda and water and impress her by providing special attention.

Make the dinner simple

For the dinner date there need not be too many varieties. The dinner should be as simple and casual as possible so that things will not go wrong. When it is a simple affair there won’t be too much pressure on both.

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