Outdoor Entertaining Made Easy with a Heater

Australia has a favourable climate in most months of the year, making an outdoor entertainment area a critical element of every home. However, these chill spots can be quite uncomfortable during the colder nights. 

The most significant concern during a chilly evening is how you can keep your outdoor entertainment area comfortable. Here are some ways to heat your exterior spaces to ensure that the fun is live even in bleak conditions.  

Purchase an Outdoor Heater

If you to want warmth and cosiness during winter, you have to invest in an outdoor fireplace. The best choices in this regard are gas or wood-powered fireplaces because they can heat large spaces effectively. Electric heaters generate heat faster, but they are only efficient in interior spaces, which is why you should avoid them.  You can further increase the effectiveness of your outdoor fireplace by covering your alfresco. 

Besides providing warmth, outdoor fireplaces increase the aesthetic appeal of your entertainment area and can improve the value of your home.

Install Wind Breaks

Wind, especially during the cold months, can reduce the effectiveness of your heater. It is advisable to put up a wall or a temporary barrier to act as a windbreak for your outdoor entertainment area. Trees and fences around the outdoor space can also help in mitigating the effects of wind. 

Construct a Fire Pit

Fire pits are a cost-effective alternative to outdoor fireplaces. They provide the perfect place for family and friends to spend time together while eating and catching up on each other’s lives. Even better, fire pits are available in both permanent and portable options. 

Portable fire pits are ideal for those seeking an instant heating solution. They are particularly useful in supplementing the heat produced by fixed outdoor fireplaces. Their most significant advantages include portability and ease of use.

Permanent fire pits are mostly preferred by homeowners who care about the overall outlook of their outdoor space. You can either hire a professional or construct the fire pit yourself. The materials need for this process are readily available at local hardware stores at affordable prices.

Decorate using Dark Colours

Dark colours have a higher heat retention capacity than bright colours. Although the sun rarely shines during winter, darker shades will absorb the little heat generated by solar radiation and keep your outdoor spaces warm and comfortable.  

Make a Day Bed

Day beds are the perfect place to keep warm while relaxing outdoors, especially in the cold season. To maximize warmth, ensure that one side is covered. You can also enhance its cosiness by adding cushions and rugs. 

Light up the Place

Candles and tiki torches are essential in increasing visibility during the night. Besides, they generate a little heat, and can significantly improve the appearance of your outdoor entertainment area.

Serve Hot Drinks

Another smart way of keeping family and friends warm while chilling outdoors is by serving hot beverages, such as tea and coffee. Ensure that you prepare the drinks outdoors so that you make of the most of the heat generated during the preparation process.

Alternatively, you can bring out your BBQ grill and cook some tasty meals. Give your guests a reason to gather around the fire as they keep warm.

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