Making Your Home Permanently Stylish And Cosy

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Everybody wants a perfect house, but it can feel almost impossible to achieve that when you have such a busy life. Creating a perfect home requires a lot of time that you don’t have, surely? Well, not necessarily. If you design your home well then you don’t have to worry about improving outdated aspects of its appearance or dealing with a cluttered layout. Your house can be endlessly comfortable. Here’s some advice on making your home permanently stylish and cosy so that it takes very little work to maintain its appearance.

Make the house feel bigger.

The first step to sprucing up your home’s appearance is to make the place feel bigger. Spaciousness really does influence the vibe of a household. You want to be able to step into a room and feel as if you’ve got room to move around and relax. It’s all a matter of perception, but it really does help to create a stylish and cosy abode if you focus on creating a large and inviting space. First of all, you should get rid of the things that are cluttering up your home. The rooms in your house might be bigger than you think, but you need to utilise the full potential of the available space by throwing out unwanted or unneeded possessions. You don’t necessarily need to pay a lot of money for an expensive extension to make your home bigger; you just need to think about all the space you’re wasting at the moment.

That being said, decluttering is only the first step towards creating a bigger home. You need to think about the way in which you store your remaining possessions so as to make rooms feel more spacious. More shelves on the walls in the kitchen could create additional storage for all those utensils that are left lying on surfaces, for example. You could also create storage space under your bed if you’re running out of room for your clothes or other belongings that end up strewn all over the floor. Making the house feel bigger is easier when you start to use the space you already have more effectively. It’s also about creating illusions. As suggested over at, you can use mirrors to make rooms feel twice as large through the power of reflection.

Avoid passing trends.

Whilst you should always aim to make sure your home looks sleek and modern, you need to avoid passing trends whilst doing so. There’s no point spending a fortune on updating your home every season when last year’s interior design trends go out of fashion and new trends emerge. It’s not just costly – it’s exhausting. You should be aiming to make your home look timelessly appealing. That way, your household will always look modern and contemporary. Avoid patterns and styles that are going to look outdated and unappealing in a few years time. Keep your home’s appearance simple yet elegant. You don’t have to go overboard to make your house look good; sometimes, the understated look can make the biggest impact.

Of course, you can follow trends if they’re timeless. As we’ve discussed before, the ‘wooden chic’ Scandinavian trend has been very popular over recent years. That’s a style you could utilise in your home because wood is a natural material – it’s something that’s been used in home design for centuries and will be used in home design for centuries to come. It’s a classic design trend, and that’s the key. You could also check out for some beautifully-designed oak furnishings. Design your home in a classic fashion without using outdated trends and styles. The key is to avoid decorative pieces and styles that are attached to a specific era of interior design.

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Use light to freshen up the place.

One of the simplest but most effective ways to transform the appearance of your home is to use light to your advantage. As discussed throughout this article, your home’s aesthetic massively influences how you feel. If you want a cosy and stylish abode then you need to create a bright and vibrant living space that gives you a positive mindset. You should use white and other light or neutral colours throughout your home’s design so as to naturally reflect light and brighten rooms in your house. This will help to freshen up the appearance of your home too; after all, a well-designed room can only be appreciated if it utilises light effectively. Take a look at the picture above. That room wouldn’t look as fresh and stylish if the walls were painted a darker colour; light wouldn’t be reflected as effectively.

Personalise your home’s design.

The best way to make your home permanently stylish and cosy is to create your own design trends. As mentioned earlier, there’s no point in following existing trends when they’ll just be outdated in a few years time. If you personalise your home’s design then it’ll never go out of style because it’ll always represent your characteristics (and the characteristics of the people with whom you live). You could create some of your own paintings, for example. There’s nothing like a one-of-a-kind piece of art to really make your home stand out. Plus, you’ll always feel at home if you know that the design around you was custom-made. Making your household feel cosy is all about reminding yourself that it’s your home. You should also get decorative pieces that represent your preferences and interests. If you love animals then get animal-themed ornaments. If you love travelling then get yourself a globe.

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Work on the exterior.

A final way in which you should spruce up your home’s appearance is to focus on the exterior. The way your house looks from the outside can have a big impact on the way in which you perceive the place as a whole. After all, your home’s exterior is the first thing you see when you stroll up to the front door. Of course, weathering will always lead to your home’s outer appearance needing maintenance and renovation to maintain a good appearance, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on making it look stylish and cosy. As suggested over at, simply giving the front door a fresh coat of paint every so often can transform the way in which your property looks. It’ll give the front of your house a new aesthetic. You could repaint your windowsills from time to time too; it’ll help to cover up the cracks that start to develop as the years go by.

Don’t forget about your back garden either. It may not be the first thing you see when you get home, but you don’t want to look out of your kitchen or bedroom window and see a bland backyard. Mowing the lawn and trimming back shrubbery is a good way to maintain a tidy garden, but you can do more than that to make this space stylish and cosy. Use homely decorative pieces to bring the space to life; gnomes are always a quaint and classic addition to any garden. A cosy patio area could also give you a reason to enjoy your garden more often. You could even create a nice dining area so that you could eat outdoors on warmer days or evenings. The point is that your home can’t look stylish and cosy if you only spruce up the interior. The exterior needs some attention too.

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