Makeup tricks that will make you look fabulous!

Makeup can do a miracle and turn a normal woman into a real Hollywood star. This is why women around the world spend so much time and money trying to look impeccable. But what are the makeup tricks that can really make a difference?


  1. When applying your mascara, try to keep your eyes facing forward and the right mascara wand to avoid dirtying the mascara.
  2. If you want your colored mascara and eye makeup look more intense, apply a little white eyeliner pencil on the eyelid and on the genes before applying mascara and blush.
  3. Avoid applying mascara to your lower genes if your eyes are not very large, as this will make your eyes look smaller than they are.
  4. If you want to make sure you’re shooting a perfectly straight ink, try using a credit card as a template.
  5. To give the impression of bigger eyes, apply a white eyeliner on the water line and a little light blush in the corner of the eye.
  6. If you want to stretch your lashes throughout the day but do not want to look too rough, choose to wear the mascara in a brown shade.
  7. It is very important that when applying your eye cream, use delicate gestures and do not apply too much pressure. The middle finger is the best way to do this.
  8. If you want to make sure that your eyeliner does not stretch, apply a shade in the same shade that will help fix the eyeliner.
  9. If you want to visually diminish your eyes, apply a dark eyelid around your eyes or the mucous membrane.
  10. If you want your genes to look thicker and more frequent, apply a little talcum powder on them before they give you a mascara

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