Make Work Easier With Your Mac


Using a mac computer for the first time might be a little shock to the system if you have been a windows user for your whole life so far. A mac can be a wonderful tool to use for your work and it is often even quicker and more efficient than its classic sister. Today we are going to take a deeper look into how you can use a mac machine to get the most out of your working day by using its apps and softwares to the max.


If you are looking for a good alternative to microsoft project for your mac (more here: then you can use Slack. Slack is a handy app which allows you to essentially create a whole working hub for every project you complete in the office. If you are working on a launch of a new product you will be able to add the people involved to your slack software and instant message, send documents and ideas, have meetings, and approve changes all in one place. What could be easier?


For a simple tool which will make your working days just a little bit easier, you can use Itsycal and add a small calendar to the taskbar of your machine. It might not sound like much, but if you are working on many projects, meetings and have holidays coming up, it can be a helpful tool which will allow you to keep track of your events without even trying.  


When it comes to keeping all of your work organised each and every day it is important for you to be able to do this without issues. If you are always dragging and dropping files between your apps, you can make life easier and instead use Unclutter. Unclutter is an app which will allow you to use your mouse to show your clipboard history alongside a pane which you can drag files into when you want to move them. There won’t the the same risk of deleting files any longer.   

Things 3

Things isn’t a word we usually associate with professional work, but this app can be super handy for you if you want to track any projects which contain different documents, images and notes as your thought process evolves. When you want to start your own project such as planning a party or writing a book, you could add all of your brainstorms to this app and then develop your ideas over time to form a real piece of work.


If your goal in life is to be able to flit between applications like a ninja, we’ve got you covered. If you are sick of spending ages looking for the next application to open in your menu, you can use CheatSheet to bypass this. CheatSheet offers a whole list of every keyboard shortcut for every application on your computer. After a while you will have no issues typing codes in to get to where you need to be and it will save you so much time.

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