Looking for an energy boost? Read this first

We all lead busy, hectic and often stressful lives, whether that’s trying to hit those impending deadlines, trying to further your career, being a great parent, a great partner or friend, all those other commitments and social events that seemed like a good idea at that time…it’s no wonder most of us are utterly exhausted before 6pm. While some reach for a short term energy boost like an energy drink or a strong blast of caffeine every couple of hours, or even search for the best eye cream for dark circles to hide the fact we haven’t slept properly in years – maybe it’s time we tackled our tiredness in a natural way?

Using a natural method to help boost your energy is probably not only better for you but might help you find a more permanent solution. Read on for 4 ways to naturally boost your energy levels.

Keep on top of your stress

Easier said then done, right? Stress is one of the biggest drainers on energy, consuming huge amounts before we’ve even tackled the big jobs on our to-do lists. The solution? While stress can’t be eliminated with a wave of a magic wand – we wish! There are some things you can do to help.

Like talking through your stress and worry with a close family member, friend or someone you can trust. If you think you could manage another weekly event on your calendar then consider joining a support group or talking with a therapist if it gets a little too much to handle. Relaxation therapies that reduce stress include, yoga, tai-chi and meditation, and you can find sessions on YouTube, so you don’t even have to leave the house! Give it a go and feel your energy levels soar.

Work, work, work

Another energy drainer is of course: work. But not just the work we do that pays the bills; overworking also means your other commitments, like friends, family obligations and social events. If you want to boost your energy, then you need to lighten the load, so go through your commitments and prioritise. Even if it’s just until this busy, draining period is over with – your friends and family will understand.


Working out when you’re low on energy seems like it would have the opposite effect. So, yes – working out does make you tired so you’ll actually sleep more soundly. In addition, exercising releases endorphins and releases stress hormones which will give you a big energy boost. Feeling that 2pm slump? Head outside and have a brisk walk around the building. You’ll come back feeling energised.


Forget your pricey sports drinks full of scientific words and phrases – the one liquid that’s going to keep your mind alert and sharp is water. If your body is beginning to get dehydrated and is low on fluids then fatigue is going to set in. Not great when you have a to-do list longer than your arm. Try to keep on top of your water consumption throughout the day, if you’re struggling to remember then treat yourself to a beautiful reusable water bottle.

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