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The kitchen and bathroom are often considered the most important rooms in the home due to the fact they’re most often shared by everyone and have high demands of functionality. But in terms of personal comfort and space, the vital role the bedroom places in your day-to-day life can’t be ignored. If you’re feeling the magic fade in the bedroom a little or you just can’t seem to relax or get to sleep in it as easily as you once could, might the décor be the problem?

Go wall-to-wall

Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or you’re planning on updating the whole look of the room, there’s no denying how much of an impact a change in color palettes can be. When choosing colors for a room, it’s recommended you don’t start with the walls first. Rather, find the bed or piece of furniture that best encapsulates the look you’re aiming for then choose the wall color that best compliments it. That said, some color schemes work better in the bedroom than others. Dark, warm colors can create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere. Whereas lighter, serene tones can make good use of natural light and create a peace and serenity that helps the room dissolve tension.

Cut the clutter

We all have the habit of accumulating little piles of clutter that can grow as time goes on. Whether it means that we have those collections of miscellaneous items we can’t quite find a space for or we just find that we create mess faster than we can clean it, it’s time to tackle it. New storage solutions like hooks inside the wardrobe doors or setting up some shelves can help you create a place for those miscellaneous items after all. Meanwhile, quick mess-busting ideas like hampers under the bed can give you a place to quickly banish mess until you have the time to tidy more thoroughly. You don’t want anything lingering out of place when it comes time for bed.

Avoid the excess

Clutter doesn’t always mean mess, either. It can sometimes mean a room that is just over decorated. If the walls are absolutely loaded with little additions and your surfaces are covered with knick-knacks, it can actually be as stress-inducing as living in a room with lots of mess. It’s time to go minimalist. Take a good, hard look at every piece of décor in the bedroom and ask yourself honestly: what is the appeal and what does it add? If you can no longer find an answer, it might be time to find a new home for that particular piece or even to sell it entirely. This tip goes for throw pillows, too. If you have to take five-ten minutes tidying away your pillows before bed, you probably have too many.

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Update that old bed

A creaky uncomfortable bed is going to quickly spoil even the most masterful redesign of the bedroom. If you haven’t done it in over a decade, there’s a good chance your bed is in dire need of a replacement. When looking for a mattress, think about finding a new bedroom set, too. King bedroom sets can vary in size quite a lot, as can king size mattresses. Try to choose both bed and mattress from the same designer to ensure you’re getting a proper fit.

Fuss over your curtains

Does your bedroom let too much light in? Not enough light? Does it feel like it loses heat too quickly or not soon enough? Your window treatments play a big role in shaping the “climate” of your room, so you have to be able to change it when your needs suit it. Lighter window treatments, like translucent curtains over blinds, let more natural light into the room, helping it look bright and lively. Meanwhile, in the winter, heavier curtains help to make the room feel much cozier and stop the heat from escaping through the windows quite as much (though if you have relatively new windows, this shouldn’t be a problem.) It’s a good idea to have both a summer set and a window set as far as window treatments are concerned.

Liven up a wall

We have mentioned how over-decorating a space can be an issue, but there’s no denying that leaving a space bare is a problem just as prevalent. The worst offenders tend to be the walls. While the floor needs to make room for all kinds of functional and form-fitting furniture, walls can easily be left bare. If you have a wall that could use a little love, think of using it as a feature and the focal point of the room. You can add a gallery wall of your own making, use it to hang an eye-catching piece or art, or even get a printable mural you can apply like wallpaper. Let the room show a little bit more of your personality, not just your sense of style.

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Add some warmth with the right light

Window treatments have a big impact on how light plays through the room, especially during the day. But how you light it in the evening when you’re trying to relax and unwind is an important consideration, as well. You shouldn’t be forced to rely on the ceiling light the whole time. Instead, try to focus on accent and functional lighting that can help keep the room cozy while offering more visibility. The bedside lamp is the perfect example of this but look at other spaces that might need a little extra lighting too. A vanity mirror, the wardrobe, little lights can be installed in the spaces that make the room much easier to use.

Switching up the look and feel of the bedroom isn’t the only solution to sleep or stress woes but there’s no denying a good bedroom can be the perfect place to get away from it all. If it’s looking a little faded or it’s been a long time since you updated your style, the tips above make your bedroom feel refreshing and comforting all over again.

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