It’s Time For A Little Spring Cleaning

We’ve already gone through some pretty rubbish weather this year so far, but spring is finally upon us, which means it’s time for a bit of spring cleaning. It’s the start of warmer weather, the start of being able to decorate your house with those summer vibes, and the start of getting out with the old and in with the new. Spring is just such a beautiful season all round. The trees and plants begin to blossom again, the sun should be shining, and the vibe should just be so much better. So, if you know you’ve got a bit of spring cleaning yourself to do, here’s a few ideas that you might like to try.

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The Cleaning

Cleaning for a lot of people is just the bane of their lives, especially if the house is big and full of children. But, spring cleaning is a little different. It is that deep clean that leaves your house feeling and looking fresher than it ever has before. So, let start with one of the rooms that is most likely to get the most hidden grime and dirt, the bathroom. The bathroom is a place we go to get clean, but do you think it’s easy to keep it clean? No it isn’t. Overtime grime will build up within the cracks of the tiles, and you’ve also got the potential to create damp if you’re not properly aerating the room once you’ve finished in the bath or the shower. So just a bit of year round advice, always make sure you’re opening a window for around 30 minutes after using the bathroom to wash yourself. The steam will leave the room, and the walls will dry out much quicker which can prevent the build up of mould. So, to make sure you’re getting rid of dirt in all the little cracks, you’re going to need time and a few pieces of equipment. Firstly, the solution you need to use is homemade. Mix together some vinegar and baking soda in a washing up bowl, or just a normal bowl. Yes, it’ll smell pretty funky, but it does break down mould like no other solution can. Use it to clean absolutely everything, from the corners of the bath or shower that might not get a daily clean, to the mirrors on the wall, or the glass that stops the water leaving the bath or shower. Once you’re done, go over everything you’ve cleaned with some warm soapy water to get rid of the smell. Make sure you’re using some window cleaner for the glass and mirrors as well just to prevent streaking. After all that is finished, you should have the cleanest bathroom in the world!

As for the other areas of the house, you can kind of follow the same principle. For example, in the kitchen the exact same solution can be used to make sure even the most stubborn of grime and stains are removed. Just make sure you’re taking everything out of the cupboards to give them a thorough clean. If you’re looking to clean the living room, one of the things you can do that you might not have done before is clean your sofa. If it is leather, your local furniture store will have leather cleaning solutions for you to use. It’ll leave it looking fresh, shining and looking like brand new. If you have another material for your sofa, they’re a bit harder to clean. The first thing you can do is hoover all over them. Make sure you’re getting in all the cracks. If you pour baking soda over your sofa, leave it for around 20-30 minutes, then hoover it off, it should bring out any grime that might have collected over the years. Just make sure you’re not getting the sofa wet if it isn’t leather, you could run the risk of making it worse.

The Decor

It’s up to you what decor you chose to go with, but we’ve got some great ideas for you. Spring is a season to be fresh and light, so lets start with the living room. If you’re going to achieve fresh and light, you need the walls to be as light as possible. We’re thinking white, but a cream would also be fine. Then you need to think about the actual furniture that you’ve got in the room. Have you outgrown it, and can you afford to purchase a few new things. If the answer to that is yes, then let’s start small. For the colour scheme we’re going for you need to stick to either light oaks, or even whites for things like coffee tables of the TV stand. The light oak really contrasts the bright white walls, so it’ll look absolutely amazing. For the carpet, if it’s time to get something new, we recommend a nice grey, with some grey leather furniture. It’ll again, help to set off the white making the room look lovely. Now, for the finishing touches, we’re thinking that you should go for a turquoise colour. This will be for both the pillows, curtains, candles etc. Any accessories you have should be a nice turquoise colour. Online curtain fabrics are usually cheaper to buy, there’s more of a range in terms of style and colour, and they’re quicker and easier for you to access rather than going round a home store. As for the accessories and things like the carpet, your local home store should sell everything you need. If you’re looking for more inspiration or more colour schemes, the best place to look would be social media sites such as pinterest.

Don’t Forget The Garden

This one is going to be short but sweet. The garden is the best place to do a spring clean. All you need to do is make sure everywhere is looking fresh. It’s time to uproot all of the old plants that won’t have made it through winter, turn the soil, and pick some new plants that you’d really like to see in your garden. The more colourful you go, the more stunned you and your guests will be by your garden.

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