Is Your Home Right For You?


Home is the most important place in the world. It’s our little respite from the world, a place to relax, rest and recover so we’re ready to get back out there and handle whatever is thrown at us. If your home isn’t right for you, it can lead to serious unhappiness and generally affect the rest of your life. Here are some clues that your home isn’t right for you, and some renovations or even moving might need to be on the cards.

It’s in a state of disrepair

Is your home falling apart around you? Maybe you’re having damp and mould issues, or perhaps a leak has caused destruction leading to a hole in the ceiling. Perhaps the plumbing, electrics or windows all need replacing. If you own your property and want to stay put then some serious renovation work might need to take place, since this can cost a lot you might need to take out a large loan or even completely remortgage your house. If it’s rented then you need to get onto your landlord, however if they take their time or don’t provide you with proper fixes then you might be better off moving somewhere else. Disrepair at home can cause health issues. Cracks and holes can let in the rain and cause draughts. Bad electrics can cause shocks that could be fatal. Structural damage could lead to your home quite literally collapsing on you. Even smaller issues should be fixed sooner rather than later, so you have a happy home that you like spending time in.

It’s too small

Your house might have been perfect when you first moved in, but later down the line you’re now struggling for space. Chances are you’ve added children and pets to your family over the years, you might even be caring for an elderly or disabled relative meaning you need a room for them. If you’ve started running your own business then you’ll need a room that’s solely for work. One option in this case would be to find local commercial property to free up space in your home, lots of sites offer this so click here to search and see if there’s anything suitable for you. You could renovate by adding a single of double story extension, alternatively a loft or basement conversion could work. Or you could move somewhere new, if you move a little further away from a town or city the house prices will be cheaper and you’ll get more for your money.

You’re not close to loved ones

Having loved ones on your doorstep isn’t the be all and end all, these days communication methods are excellent and it’s easy to call, text, video chat or speak on social media to keep up with loved ones. However, if you live miles away from all of the people you care about then this could be an issue. Particularly if you rely on them for things like emergency childcare, or you’ve moved away and find that you badly miss everyone. If you struggle not having those that you care about nearby, moving to be closer might be the best option.

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