Interesting Sources of Home Décor Inspiration

Sometimes, when it is time to redecorate a room, you have no problem deciding what you are going to do. Other times, inspiration just will not come. Nothing you see in the typical places you look quite clicks or appeals. When that happens, it is time to seek inspiration, elsewhere. Here are a few of the less obvious places you can turn to for ideas:

The websites of home staging professionals

When it comes to home décor, property staging specialists are always ahead of the game. They identify emerging trends and work out how to recreate and use them in ordinary family homes, like yours.

Most of these designers run their own websites. They are creative people who like to share their ideas and it makes business sense for them to share examples of their work online. Therefore, their websites are potentially fantastic sources of new and refreshing home staging and decorating ideas.

TV shows and movies

The makers of TV shows and movies are also very creative. They always come up with interesting sets which are full of ideas that you could potentially use in your own home.

Sometimes they simply faithfully recreate a particular era. Other times they come up with new and futuristic designs. So, shows and movies are a particularly rich vein of inspiration. If you enjoy going to the theatre, you may also pick up new ideas there.

Magazines and newspapers

When it is time to redecorate a room a lot of us automatically go to the big interior design websites, like the ones listed here. Or buy a pile of home and living magazines from our local newsagent.

Of course, these are excellent resources, but it is also worth taking a closer look at the interior shots that are used in other types of magazines. Celebrity magazines can be an excellent way to pick up on new trends early. The rich and famous often start the biggest trends, so if you want to be slightly ahead of the game, look closely at the photos and take note of how they decorate their homes.

Hotel rooms and other holiday accommodation

If, during your travels, you end up staying in a particularly nice hotel room, be sure to take plenty of photos. This makes recreating a similar luxurious look and feel in your bedrooms and bathrooms a lot easier.


There are hundreds of decorators and small-scale interior designers using YouTube to promote their businesses. Many of them are really active. They post new videos on a regular basis to show off their latest work.

Often, they explain how they achieved a certain look and give you tips and tricks to help you to do the same in your own home. Many even provide links in the description which take you directly to the retailer that sells the items used.

Turn to your own builder or decorator for inspiration

If you are planning to hire someone to decorate or install a new kitchen or bathroom for you, talk through your ideas with them. They will usually make suggestions that can greatly improve your original design. Most builders and decorators have a lot of experience. Usually, they will have worked on other similar homes in your area, so have a good idea of what actually looks good and what does not.

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