Insight into the Best Tourist Attractions in London

London is full of things to see. You are never going to feel as though you are running out of things to do either, and this is why it is one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. If you need some help planning out the best London trip, then here are a few tips that will help you to get started.

The Changing of the Guard

One of the most iconic buildings in Britain is actually Buckingham Palace. The Changing of the Guard draws hundreds of people every single day and it is a colourful display of precision marching. You have music and in some instances you can even follow the band as they go between sites. Buckingham Palace was originally built in 1837 and it has been the residence of the Royal Family ever since Queen Victoria ascended the throne. When the Queen is at her residence in Scotland, you can purchase tickets for a tour of the state room and even for the Queen’s Gallery too. The tour really is an efficient way for you to see the highlights of the area in a very short space of time, and it is an experience that you can be sure to enjoy.

Tower of London

The magnificent Tower of London has filled many different roles over the years. It is a monument that showcases the rich history of London and it was built in 1078. You have the Tower Bridge as well and this is one of the best-known landmarks in the area. If you want to make the most out of this then you really do need to buy the Tower of London ticket. This will give you access to the Crown Jewels and even the Beefeater tour. You can even bypass ticket lines too, and this can save you a ton of time if you are planning on travelling during the summer.

British Museum

The British Museum has one of the finest collections of antiques in the world. It contains over 13 million artefacts and they are all from the Ancient World. If you want you can even see the Elgin Marbles, the bust of Ramesses the Second and the Mildenhall Treasure too. If you have a keen interest in world history then this destination should certainly be on your list. A lot of people choose to visit museums during the day and then go to see shows at night. If you are interested in doing this then you can look into London theatre shows online.

Big Ben

A lot of people think of Big Ben when they hear the word “London”. The clock tower is over 318 feet tall and it has a very iconic, resounding bell too. You can see the Thames and the Westminster Palace too. This location was once occupied by William the Conqueror and the tours that are carried out there really do give you a unique chance to see some debates. You can even see the political discussions that happen too, and that is why so many people choose to visit this location. It’s one of a kind, and a must-see if you are in London.

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