Increase value with home improvements

Do you wish to increase the value of your home with home improvements? Then, remodeling is the trick that can make all the rooms more functional.

Home improvements come associated with heavy price tags. The National Office data predicts that in the UK people spend annually on home improvements around £30 billion, thereby £43 million in a single week.

Nevertheless, prior to giving any thought of canceling the thought of home improvement owing to its escalating costs, consider how much actually the home improvements add value to your home, whether it be bespoke bedrooms, kitchens, or anything else – this can help in making a wise decision.

Upgrading a kitchen

The kitchen is a very important place and if you plan to improve your home and can afford to go step by step, room by room, let the first choice be the kitchen improvement. The reason is that it has become a showpiece home area. It is not just about cooking food anymore; we do a lot of things, hold dinner parties, watch television and also do homework.

Conversely, there is a need to consider the kitchen remodeling price bracket to the entire home improvement price bracket.The value added to a home of £170,000 may not be considered high if its kitchen requires £25,000 improvement.

There is a need to get the right balance and it will come to notice that actually, a new kitchen adds 4.6 percent value overall. This is also confirmed by RICS, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.  A new kitchen makes an appealing property and adds to its overall value up to four percent.

Upgrading a bathroom

Another very important room in your home is the bathroom. It needs an overhaul to ensure a new en-suite bathroom. Even creating a new bathroom as per Nationwide Building Society states it adds five percent to the overall value of a home.

The homeowners are expected to keep things simple with transforming the bathroom. It relates to the features you add, such as a heated towel rail in chrome, new taps set, a power shower, a new shower head, a glass door or a glass screen.

A new bathroom is certain to enhance your home value by 2.88 percent.

Transforming a loft

A loft was considered a must in a home built before 1975. The lofts had 2.3 meters headroom.  The Nationwide Building Society evaluates a loft conversion adds 21 percent home overall value, while it indicates you can add to your property a double bedroom and transform the loft to that space, thereby there will be a home value added by 10 percent.

Bear in mind that professional advice needs should be sought before transforming a loft, as the project needs to meet fire and building regulations.

Perfecting a garage

A loft conversion is a good idea, but with the double bedroom addition to your property there is a 10 percent estimated by Nationwide and if the loft transformation is not possible, you have another open choice to get a room and that is the garage perfecting.

The garage can be transformed into a room as most British garages are without cars. This space can be put into proper use by making it a living space or the most required another bedroom. Thus the value can be added and you can enjoy the square foot gained.

Toting up a conservatory

The National Association of Estate Agents managing director has highlighted that homeowners should have a conservatory in their homes. He suggests the conservatories must be made using quality materials so that it adds value to your property. Ensure to have good light to make the contribution valuable.

Aiming to have a conservatory in glass is the recommendation so that uPVC can be avoided. High quality conservatory adds nearly five percent to the overall home value, state property valuation providers. In fact, they are certain that adding a conservatory in your property is having a full-blown extension and this will enhance the home value by 11 percent.

Enhancing the garden

Adding a conservatory is recommended, yet before taking that on a very serious note, assure that it does not disturb your main garden space. The outdoor space of a property adds substantial value.

Aiming to improve a garden look means you should ensure it can be enjoyed and it is accessible to all the people living in the home. Thus, install in the garden outdoor high-quality lighting and fit glass doors opening into the garden.  This will ascertain brightness and give an open feeling.

In fact, taking it further, even adding or installing decking enveloping the outdoor of your property ensures space is utilized properly and you can enjoy increasing the overall home value by another two percent.


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