How To Shake Away Those Winter Blues


Even though spring seems to be just around the corner for many of us, we are still in the midst of all of these unpredictable and pretty dire weather conditions most days. The dawn is still pretty dark for most of us, and with the storms flying overseas we have seen a lot of cold weather and rain to dampen our spirits. But before you give up in the idea of sunny days and beach walk with the family, there are a few ways you can ditch those winter blues and prepare yourself for brighter days.

Spruce up the house

Spring is always the perfect time of year for people to start carrying out work on their homes. It is warmer and lighter than the winter but not too hot that work becomes difficult. Why not cheer yourself and your home up this weekend by painting some walls and adding a few colourful touches to your home? It will give you a fun project to focus on and make your home feel brand new!

Let the light in

Light is one of the main factors which can bring us down during the winter months because quite frankly there just isn’t enough of it to go around. Light can make a massive difference to people’s moods and and it can help you to feel much more productive during the day. Take the time this month to open up those blinds or ditch the chunky curtains and let in some light to your office and home.

Ditch the sunglasses

Although you might want to wear your sunglasses because they go really well with your outfit, sunglasses do not help you in the winter time when you are feeling moody and dull. Ditch the sunglasses and make the most of every part of light which comes your way. It will make a big impact.

Get outside

The great outdoors is associated with a lot of great things, and one of those things is making us feel better when we are in the cold winter. The main thing which can make us sad during the winter is being cooped up inside all day because it is too cold to go anywhere, but really it isn’t too cold at all. Wrap up warm and toasty and get yourself out into the fresh air and you will see the many benefits of being outdoors in the colder season. Sure, your nose may not thank you for it, but your soul will.

Use a dawn simulator

A dawn simulator or a light box can create an artificial light in your bedroom on dark mornings to help you wake up and get ready for the day. When it dark and our eyes detect little light, they send a message to the brain that it is time to sleep, this is why we struggle to wake up during dark winter mornings. By having a light in your room to wake you up in the mornings you will find it much easier to pull yourself out of bed and get ready for work.

Plant some seeds

In the last few weeks of winter you might start to yearn for the light and the life which the spring can bring with it. If you want to make a change in your mood and life, you can buy some plants or seeds from the garden centre and start to create this life and colour yourself. Of course, it is only in March that you can do this because it isn’t warm enough before now, but this can go a long way to getting you ready for the spring. Daffodils and fruit seeds are a popular choice to plant early sling and you can keep them indoors for a few weeks as they begin the grow.

Go Shopping

What is often the best way to cheer yourself up when you are feeling a bit glum? Shopping! Treat yourself to some spring and summer clothes such as these sundresses or even a few new swimsuits. You’ll be so excited to finally be able to wear your new clothes that the winter won’t seem like such a problem anymore!

Book a holiday

If you hate the winter and cold weather, you can always plan to make an escape and stay somewhere hot until it passes. Some of us are just not made for the colder climates, so you can take advantage of the down season and book yourself a holiday somewhere like Greece where the weather will be a little more pleasing. You will have a huge amount of fun and you will be able to escape the cold, have some great adventures and simply come home when the weather starts to warm up once more.

See your family

Sometimes the best remedy for cold and dark days is to simply spend more time with the people you love. As we grow older our lives become much more busy and this can lead to us not having the time to spend with our family and friends. Try and take some time out of your busy schedule to spend time with your family for a day or even invite your friends around for dinner one evening. It will give you the chance to have a good catch up with your favourite people as well as forget about the cold.

See if you have SAD

If you are really struggling to be happy and productive during the winter you might want to know that you are not the only person who feels this way. Being grumpy and anxious during the winter isn’t just your bad mood talking, it is actually a disorder clinically known as seasonal affective disorder. This is a mental condition which is recognised in medicine and causes people to struggle with every day tasks during the colder months. If you are really struggling with daily life during the winter it could be worth a trip to the doctors to see if you have this disorder.

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