How to Make Your Living Space Child Friendly and Stylish

For many people, getting the right balance between a stylish home that’s still child-friendly can be a challenge, especially when you have younger children in the house. It’s a constant battle to determine which furniture pieces are both durable and safe to have around children, whilst also making sure you’re not spending an arm and a leg on a sofa that your child is going to attack with a bright red marker pen! Whilst it does take a lot of thought and planning, having a stylish yet child-friendly living space is totally doable, and these useful tips will help you to achieve this.

Walls Through to Flooring

The two main things to start with when designing a stylish (yet child-friendly) living space are the walls and the flooring. Many people like to stick to neutral, light colours for these areas, which is absolutely fine with children, but you do need to take certain things into consideration. The first thing to consider is how easy the flooring is to clean. If you invest in an expensive cream carpet, you may find yourself struggling to come to terms with the spilt blackcurrant juice or milk stains. Try to find a carpet option that is easy to clean and durable, as this will really help with any accidents that may occur. The same applies to your walls, you want to look at a durable wallpaper or lightweight paint that can be easily washed down, as it’s always very tempting for a little one to grab their favourite pack of crayons and draw a masterpiece for you on the living room wall.

Practical Furniture

It goes without saying that the furniture pieces within your living area need to be both durable and safe, meaning no sharp edges or fragile surfaces. Investing in a high-quality selection of furniture will help you to design your living room in a stylish way, whilst having the peace of mind that your child is safe and can use the furniture pieces with ease. Adding some stylish oak lamp tables or a coffee table will help to bring the chic touch to your décor, but make sure their edges and drawers are child-friendly at the same time. You should also take the sofa into consideration, as just like the carpet, you need a material that is easy to clean and can handle a lot of movement. You don’t want to invest in a delicate material as the moment a child jumps or climbs on the sofa you run the risk of the material splitting or tearing. Find a durable sofa design that you know can be easily maintained, whilst keeping a stylish approach to help keep that balance within your living space.

Make it Cosy

Nothing beats snuggling up on the sofa with your little one to enjoy a good Disney film, and creating a warm and welcoming space for you and your family to enjoy will help to make these moments even more special. Introduce some soft accessories including some pretty scatter cushions and a chunky throw, perfect for helping out with nap times! By having a cosy space within your living area, you’ll be able to instantly create a homely feel, whilst providing a space that is comfortable and settling for your child.

Ornament Care

To create a stylish, personal space you always need some kind of ornaments and artwork to help reflect your personal style in the décor. For many parents, ornaments seem to be a big ‘no no’ as they are often just an accident waiting to happen. This doesn’t have to be the case, however, as you can introduce ornaments in a range of different ways. Try to keep your delicate possessions displayed safely away in a dresser or sideboard, with surface spaces decorated with other personal touches including photos, magazines and so on. This will help to maintain that stylish look, whilst making sure certain things are kept out of reach of little hands.


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