How to live a happier life over 55

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Both women and men have to adopt certain healthy habits both in terms of health but also in terms of finances and love. These habits must be active for an unlimited period in order to enjoy a higher quality of life at 25, 55 or even above 75 years old. It’s essential to keep fit especially after you are 55 years old when menopause or andropause are more prone to install. This is needed to prevent health problems and related problems that might arise during this period of life. I was recently commissioned by Bathing Solutions to give my thoughts on this topic and I have written below some thoughts that I would like to keep in mind for myself and I think that by writing them down they might be useful to someone else too, or at least invite them to reflect more on how to improve their future.

Take care of your health and it will take care of you

Take good care of your health. Research the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition: drink plenty of water, reduce thermally processed foods. Eat meat, salt, sugar in moderation. Try to add more olive oil, honey, fixed-hour meals, biorhythm, movement, sports, cleanliness (body, house, and soul) into your life. Once you reach a certain age, it’s true that it’s harder to keep fit, but you just have to have the right attitude and carry out activities that fulfill you and set you into motion. You need to be as active as you can. If you let your guard down, your energy level will drop very quickly and you will find yourself doing less of the activities you love.

Be active, be healthy, be happy

It is good to develop a wide range of hobbies and extracurricular activities, as long as you are still able to. You have to take into account that old age brings with it many new situations on various levels. Learn to give first aid, injections and therapeutic massage, this can be useful for anyone, at any age.

You need to make constant efforts to be up to date with technology (as much as possible). It’s difficult to be 75 years old and not know how to use a mobile phone, a remote control, or use an ATM. The day goes by harder just by looking in the ceiling. Think about that a retirement age means spending time with new and better activities. Learn how to paint, DIY projects, gardening, anything that can fill your time and, why not, bring you an income too.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago

It is wise, as long as you are able, to buy a piece of land close to home that you can work on, have a tree, move around in the garden taking care of plants, feel useful, have fresh and healthy vegetables or fruit. You have to have quality things in the house and while you are still able to, you can put everything together for the next 20 years (plumbing, electrical, appliances, roof, fence, furniture, etc.).

You have to take care of your old age income while you are able to. Do hard things while they are still easy. The expenses, although they are reduced on the one hand (you don’t buy so many clothes, you might not travel so much anymore, the children are independent), they grow a lot on the other (doctors, medicines, craftsmen for repairs, household help). Start saving and don’t waste your resources.

If you are going to build a house, consider the possibility that you can live at least 90 years and that a quarter of your life your physical strength will not be as high as during the previous years. You may not need to make it big, as children grow up fast move. If you still want a big house and can afford it, design it so that you can either live with the children and their families (which is unlikely) or rent a part of the house without being disturbed or disturb, or, why not, provide hosting for domestic help. If you can, better invest in a second home that can be rented or given to your children.

The love of a family is one of life’s greatest blessing

Make constant efforts so that in your family there is harmony and understanding. If you need to, make peace with your children and respect them in return. Always encourage them, advise them and pray that they will do well.

You have to have a good and reliable relationship with your friends and neighbors too, and you have to be a good friend and a good neighbor. Call them, meet them, organize joint actions. Congratulate them on accomplishments and give them symbolic gifts on special occasions. Gather beautiful memories and arrange them beautifully in albums and boxes. Complete a journal with important events and write a few lines about them. Now you may not realize it, but later on, they might mean very much.

If you are still very young, be as close as possible to your parents. If you are away from them, call them as often as possible, let them ring you without getting upset, listen to them saying the same thing they said last time if needed. When you go home on vacation, do not go as a guest, but put in the trunk with you a tool kit and fine-tune what is to be repaired or call someone who can, help them, buy them what they need or you know would ease their old age. Always be accommodating to the elderly or helpless.

Continuous personal development is something that should probably be part of everyone’s life. Take care of these three pillars of your life: health. wealth, love and you will live a happier life no matter what age you are.

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