How to have more time available for yourself!

In this modern era, mankind is overwhelmed with tasks, information, and people. Sometimes, we find it hard to enjoy small things in life due to poor time management. This causes discomfort and stress in many instances.

The idea of not being able to handle situations or several tasks simultaneously is difficult. This is when fatigue and chronic stress comes into the picture. With this being said, how will you make more time for yourself? What are the effective strategies and time management steps taken by successful people? If these are questions in your mind, sit back, and read on. Few changes and tips can change the way you use time.

You need a wish list
To begin with, you must have a list of activities you wish to engage in. A lot of people believe that “everything” can be remembered. However, it is important to note down everything. This way you will be able to stay organized and remember better. If there are things that make you sane, relaxed and happy, note them down. Try to rank every item in this list based on importance. It would be wise to pick two or three at a time and focus. The rest can be tackled in due course.

What do you really want?
Moving on, you must understand how you really wish to spend time. The moment you track time and the things you do, you will realize that very little time is spent doing things that are “truly” important.

Always ask yourself if you are spending time in the right places. If not, give up certain things. When you devote time to things that you admire and love, you will be able to boost your overall performance. Research reveals that creativity and productivity are strongly connected. When you make room for relaxation and recreation, your overall creativity will grow by leaps and bounds.

Delegation is a smart move. In your wish list, some items can be delegated to others. This means you will have someone else do the “least” important activities for you.

For example, if you are born to be a professional, delegate your household activities. This way you will be able to buy more time for professional tasks. And, outsourcing will not be expensive all the time.

Schedule and Reschedule
“Scheduling” is an art and it takes lots of time. That is why you should schedule till all your tasks are aligned perfectly. In less than a few weeks, you will realize that so much time can be gained by simple scheduling.

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