How to Handle Long Flights

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Long flights can be tedious, as whilst there tends to be inflight entertainment on most long haul flights the quality varies and it tends to cater to the masses rather than individual preferences; meaning after a couple of hours you can be stuck for ways to keep yourself entertained.

In this article, we’re going to look at a few ways to handle long flights, though it’s important to remember not all long flights are long haul; for instance, flying from the UK to popular holiday destinations such as Tenerife or Mykonos can take upwards of four hours, which is a pretty long time, given the lack of space and inflight entertainment on offer from most airlines that fly to these destinations.

The trick, really, is in the preparation, as you’ve probably experienced yourself feeling quite envious about someone that has been better prepared than you; for instance, they open up their tasty homemade meal whilst you munch on a cardboard like burger that’s just been zapped in the microwave… or they get out their iPad with a plethora of entertainment, whilst you sit reading the paper that was left behind in the departures lounge – or at worse, the inflight catalogue of products for sale.

Here are some top tips on how to handle long flights:


If you’ve got a tablet or computer, then be sure to pre-load it with your favourite films and games, as whilst you can rely on your phone to play things like Candy Crush, it’s often much more engaging to hunt for treasure and defeat monsters in Final Fantasy XV.  On the topic of bringing your own entertainment, make sure you bring some noise cancelling earphones with you, as the ambient noise of other passengers along with the engine noise can make it a strain, which is not what you want, when trying to watch your favourite film.

If you have Netflix, be sure to download the app, as this way you can download certain movies and shows to view offline.


Few people enjoy airline food, even if you’ve paid extra for a decent meal it often leaves much to be desired.  Therefore, take your own food on board – whether that’s from the airport lounge with freshly made salads and the like, or something from home.  Also, it might be cheaper to buy soft drinks at the airport rather than on board.


Be sure to get up and stretch your legs from time to time, as not only will this break up the journey, but it will help prevent medical issues such as DVT that can occur as a result of long haul flying.

Whilst you might not necessarily want to stretch out your body and do the prescribed exercises, which might make you feel a little silly, in front of everyone – the simple process of getting up to the toilet is enough movement to keep blood flowing, as is reaching up into the overhead locker to get something from your bag.

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