How to find gorgeous countertops within your budget

Budgeting for high-end countertops can be tricky, particularly if there are budget limitations, and you’re unsure of exactly how much material you’ll need to complete the job. One way to determine exactly how much you’ll need for a kitchen or bathroom countertop area is to utilize an online estimator tool. You’ll want to know how an online countertop estimator works, so here is a basic rundown of the process.

Online Availability

When you are able to calculate the costs directly online for either a kitchen or bathroom replacement countertop, or want to determine installation for a brand new countertop space, you can get a pretty good idea of what your expenses are going to be and how much you’ll have to set aside for your final choice. You can even do a sampling of choices to get an idea the cost of various materials.

Anyone knows that a luxurious countertop can transform the look of a kitchen or bathroom area and if you’re able to calculate exactly what you’ll material-wise ahead of time, chances are you might just be able to budget for that granite or quartz countertop, or any other material that you have dreamed about using for years.

Price Comparisons

You can easily forgo comparison pricing and hours of research when you use an online software tool that can quickly calculate the cost of your countertops. lets you get a quote for your countertop without the hassle of going to the store. You can estimate detailed countertop prices for almost anything, such as the edge styling and coordination of actual product lines, such as laminates, granite, wood, quartz, marble and other materials.

Using the Calculator

Most online calculators include the design used, the template and the actual installation. Basic fees are around $700 plus, which are charged to cover the cost of the preparation of the countertop template.

Countertop Estimator Form

Most actual online forms for estimations contain sections with drop-downs set aside for selection. The sections usually include:

  1. The measured size of your countertop (s) – That measurement is entered in square feet.
  2. The choice of a new countertop material – There are usually drop-down choices for materials such as granite, recyclables, quartz, laminates, wood, stainless steel, cooper and high-end name brands.
  3. The color of the countertop, which consists of standard, better and premium choices. Standard is usually the best choice until actual sample colors are presented to you through the countertop contractor. He or she should present the basic, plus and premium examples to help determine a choice and price within your range.
  4. The edge profile – This profile usually includes basic, better, premium and an actual edge style profile guide that shows different edging choices. The basic or better drop-down choices are the most common choices; however, if a laminate material is chosen for your countertop, the price for edging will vary. Most custom work for laminate edging will be less than for granite or other materials.
  5. The choice of removing old countertop materials. There are either yes or no choices. Yes, should be chosen for an entire kitchen remodel and no for any new construction or addition to what already exists.
  6. The difficulty of the job- Whether the job is simple, more complex or very complex, these are the choices provided on the estimator. Most any countertop job has variables that concern corners, abnormal cutouts, sink spacing and limited seaming. Any of these kinds of complexities should be considered in the categories of more complex or very complex. In order to get a more exact quote, one of these choices should be considered.
  7. The need for cutouts should be considered for any type of cook top or other space. If you plan on installing a counter cook top type range, a cutout will be required, so a yes answer would be a necessary choice for this section.

Estimate of Costs

Sizing – The cost to replace a countertop can vary and will depend on square footage of the area to be covered. Measurements are the key to an approximate estimate. An average countertop is usually around two (2) feet deep. Measuring should consist of the length of your counters and multiplying that measurement by two (2) to obtain the correct size. For any areas with inside corners, include an additional four (4) square feet.

Before you input a countertop material and color choice on the form, try to narrow down your selections to around three. You might want to think about first, second and third choices that would correlate with what you have tentatively budgeted for your countertop design. You are better able to determine your costs with your three choices.

Average Costs

When you look at the costs to remodel an average kitchen that includes the costs of countertops, prices can vary anywhere from $7500 on the low end to $13,000 at a mid-range level to $25,000 at the higher end of the scale. Of course costs will also depend on where you live, the type of materials chosen, the availability of materials as well as access to trustworthy and experienced contractors who can perform the installation.

Most countertop online estimator tools will also want to know the part of the country you are living in and will usually ask for a zip code to better narrow down what costs would be in certain locations. Also, many local remodeling contractors will gladly provide free estimates for new countertop installations or additions or changes to your current countertop situation. So whether you use an estimator tool or go through a local contractor who will visit your home and directly view your kitchen countertops, you can get a good idea of what your costs are going to be.

Comparison Figures

An online estimator is a good way to come up with the figures you need to tie in with the budget you have determined for a countertop replacement or renovation. If you are either planning on installing a brand-new countertop through a new home purchase or are renovating an older kitchen, an online estimator can save you a lot of time and hassle, plus it can help relieve you of the endless search for the perfect countertop material.

With the ease of input and the choices given with an estimator, and the follow up connections it provides, you can narrow down your search and feel comfortable with an approximation of costs before you take the final plunge. Any homeowner appreciates knowing somewhat ahead of time an assessment of the total expenses involved and how to keep them to a reasonable minimum.

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